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2nd July 2019 No Comments

Week 48

Current weight 12 stone 13 lbs…which is roughly 82.1 kg or 181 lbs I started my vacation yesterday, by that I mean I am off work as I do not go away until tomorrow for a well needed break to catch up with friends and have a drink or two! June for me was the […]

26th June 2019 No Comments

Week 47

Current weight 12 stone 12 lbs…which is roughly 81.64 kg or 180 lbs I have to firstly apologise as I know you all wait with baited breath for my blog (yes I am laughing whilst I type this) and it is the first Tuesday I have missed in 47 weeks and I have no real […]

18th June 2019 No Comments

Week 46

Current weight 12 stone 11 lbs…which is roughly 81.18 kg or 179 lbs So, the issues continue on again for another week! But it has been quite enlightening shall we say despite the fact in 3 weeks I have gained 4 lbs… So last week I talked about stress and the impact it was having […]