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1st September 2019 No Comments

Week 1 Sept 2019

Hello, it’s me! I am well aware 5 weeks have passed, and almost disappointed with myself as I did actually weigh myself for week 52, having made it a complete year…and yet I just didn’t record it then had surgery! So I start the process again, weighing less than I did a year ago, although […]

24th July 2019 No Comments

Week 51

Current weight 13 stone 2.5 lbs…which is roughly 83.69 kg or 184.5 lbs Wow, I have not weighed this much since March Week 31, what is going on you ask? No clue really my eating is not going well and being too hot is really not making me wish to eat less, if anything I […]

17th July 2019 No Comments

Weeks 49 and 50

A slightly different blog to normal but it literally was now or next week so I went for now! The past 2 weeks have been interesting and no, there was no scale in Ireland so I did weigh myself last Wednesday but the day just flashed by! So…last Wednesday I weighed in at 13 stone […]