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Overnight oats or not…

So, moving from milk to yogurt was clearly the way to go, adding a little peanut butter and honey with a banana also helped and so I could say this was quite a tasty breakfast.

I didn’t use the half a cup measurement, I instead added 40g of oats (as recommended on the packet of oats for a portion) then added the same amount of yogurt into my jar eyeballing it to be honest.

We have the last night, this morning, with the banana and stuff and whilst eating it photos to see below…

It did keep me full but the question is I am not sure if  would make lunch. Today I am back at work you see, and there are not many people here and boredom is a trigger for me to eat.

The jar in case you wondered was £3.50 from Wilkos and no you don’t need to use this, any tub with a lid would do but this one looked nice. In case you wondered my yogurt pot with bananas and blueberries came from Wilkos also a steal for £1 although the web says £3…


So in preparation I did bring a slightly better try of the ‘oaty bar’ as we can see and had that at about 10:45 (breakfast at my desk was about 8am). To be honest my lunch (we haven’t discussed that yet!) was eaten at 12:15 along with popcorn as an afternoon snack 3 hours early…so based on that and despite it being yummy am not sure this breakfast works for me, would be interested to hear what others find though. Feel free to comment below.


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So how is breakfast going?


So, I must confess my first attempt at overnight oats didn’t quite turn out as planned…overnight slop might be a better name for it as the amount of milk I added according to the recipe I followed (I won’t add it here as it was not good!) left me with a very drinkable I would almost say breakfast.

Sadly I forgot to take a photo but in future will remember to do that! I am not being put off though, I went back to my friend who said I should have used yogurt and so went and got the cheapest yogurt I can find and tonight will try again. How much yogurt? I asked to be informed firstly, that they don’t ever use measurement…(the sign of a good cook which she is I should add!) Then she sent me a helpful little photo which I searched and found the site it came from here so this is where I am starting tonight, adding the peanut butter and banana in the morning and will remember this time to take a photo for you all to see before I munch my way through it!

I of course continue with my banana, skyr and blueberries (photo below) and yes they are HUGE blueberries!


I also tried yestrday ‘oaty bars’ as a snack that went sadly wrong and so I shall also be eating them as cereal with milk unless I can convince mini me to take them for when back at uni.

Not so ‘oaty bars’ more ‘oaty crumble’ shall we say…this was less than half of it!


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Starting with breakfast…

During my adult like I have frequently floated between eating breakfast and not eating breakfast.

As a teenager who had a train to catch breakfast meant I had to get up earlier and so when I could skip it (parents like hawks) I did. Luckily my mum worked nights and so I frequently left the house before she got home!

As an adult I have tried many different breakfasts to keep me full and stop me snacking all morning. Believe it or not a full English breakfast used to leave me wanting to eat again within the hour.

Whilst on the Cambridge diet I used to have a soft boiled egg on a slice of granary bread with no butter. Actually that was quite nice and could keep me satisfied until my mid morning snack (the diet insisted on 5 meal a day).

However, no one wants that 7 days a week. I did try Pop Tarts (I have a sweet tooth) and they equally could keep me going for a couple of hours sometimes…but who are we kidding this is not a good choice!

My next choice was Aldi’s instant pot porridge. Now at 35p compared to other instant pots this is a bargain, what I liked to do was fill with water and add a little sugar before showering and dressing, the ensured it was thicker than the initial runny thing when you first add water. But those who are in the UK are currently having a little heat wave and so this has come to a halt until normal weather resumes.

So, to go with the weather and after a recommendation from a friend I am currently having yogurt with bananas and blue berries and wow, actually I can go at least 3 hours and still not feel hungry! I have had Aldi’s finest (Greek style which according to The Sun is the same as Muller) at 68p a pot (3 portions from that pot people!) and Skyr from Waitrosse currently 2 pots for £2.50 a creamier taste for those who prefer, but to be honest any yogurt works.

Finally I am now going to try overnight oats. I am not sure what this will taste like but have seen this on many cooking programes and I suppose I like the idea of making it before I go to bed so it is already done in the morning. Watch this space for how this turns out…

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Who am I?

I am the frustrated currently 40 something who has over the past 3 years lost weight 3 times and put it back on again.

I am a single mum to a flown the nest 19 year old and I love food.

I haven’t always been overweight, and am actually a keen runner (although more of a jog and chat when the time permits than a let’s do that 10k kind of runner!)

I do have a 12 weekly injection called Depo Provera which apparently does not make you put on weight just increases your appetite.

And I have tried a couple of diets which whilst on them have been successful, the most recent being the Cambridge diet. The issue for me being the moment I stop following this diet I just put the weight back on.

I have many friends in the same situation, so decided to not look for a quick fix, but the best lifestyle changes which enable me to still eat the food I love.

This blog will track my attempts to lose weight and although I am tailoring it to women of my age, it could be useful for anyone stuck in the yoyo diet cycle!

To follow me click the follow button at the bottom on the right, it is right at the bottom if you are viewing this on your phone.

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The Journey Begins

Remember, you can’t outrun an unhealthy diet…


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