Starting with breakfast…

Starting with breakfast…

During my adult like I have frequently floated between eating breakfast and not eating breakfast.

As a teenager who had a train to catch breakfast meant I had to get up earlier and so when I could skip it (parents like hawks) I did. Luckily my mum worked nights and so I frequently left the house before she got home!

As an adult I have tried many different breakfasts to keep me full and stop me snacking all morning. Believe it or not a full English breakfast used to leave me wanting to eat again within the hour.

Whilst on the Cambridge diet I used to have a soft boiled egg on a slice of granary bread with no butter. Actually that was quite nice and could keep me satisfied until my mid morning snack (the diet insisted on 5 meal a day).

However, no one wants that 7 days a week. I did try Pop Tarts (I have a sweet tooth) and they equally could keep me going for a couple of hours sometimes…but who are we kidding this is not a good choice!

My next choice was Aldi’s instant pot porridge. Now at 35p compared to other instant pots this is a bargain, what I liked to do was fill with water and add a little sugar before showering and dressing, the ensured it was thicker than the initial runny thing when you first add water. But those who are in the UK are currently having a little heat wave and so this has come to a halt until normal weather resumes.

So, to go with the weather and after a recommendation from a friend I am currently having yogurt with bananas and blue berries and wow, actually I can go at least 3 hours and still not feel hungry! I have had Aldi’s finest (Greek style which according to The Sun is the same as Muller) at 68p a pot (3 portions from that pot people!) and Skyr from Waitrosse currently 2 pots for £2.50 a creamier taste for those who prefer, but to be honest any yogurt works.

Finally I am now going to try overnight oats. I am not sure what this will taste like but have seen this on many cooking programes and I suppose I like the idea of making it before I go to bed so it is already done in the morning. Watch this space for how this turns out…

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