So how is breakfast going?

So how is breakfast going?


So, I must confess my first attempt at overnight oats didn’t quite turn out as planned…overnight slop might be a better name for it as the amount of milk I added according to the recipe I followed (I won’t add it here as it was not good!) left me with a very drinkable I would almost say breakfast.

Sadly I forgot to take a photo but in future will remember to do that! I am not being put off though, I went back to my friend who said I should have used yogurt and so went and got the cheapest yogurt I can find and tonight will try again. How much yogurt? I asked to be informed firstly, that they don’t ever use measurement…(the sign of a good cook which she is I should add!) Then she sent me a helpful little photo which I searched and found the site it came from here so this is where I am starting tonight, adding the peanut butter and banana in the morning and will remember this time to take a photo for you all to see before I munch my way through it!

I of course continue with my banana, skyr and blueberries (photo below) and yes they are HUGE blueberries!


I also tried yestrday ‘oaty bars’ as a snack that went sadly wrong and so I shall also be eating them as cereal with milk unless I can convince mini me to take them for when back at uni.

Not so ‘oaty bars’ more ‘oaty crumble’ shall we say…this was less than half of it!


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