Overnight oats or not…

Overnight oats or not…

So, moving from milk to yogurt was clearly the way to go, adding a little peanut butter and honey with a banana also helped and so I could say this was quite a tasty breakfast.

I didn’t use the half a cup measurement, I instead added 40g of oats (as recommended on the packet of oats for a portion) then added the same amount of yogurt into my jar eyeballing it to be honest.

We have the last night, this morning, with the banana and stuff and whilst eating it photos to see below…

It did keep me full but the question is I am not sure if  would make lunch. Today I am back at work you see, and there are not many people here and boredom is a trigger for me to eat.

The jar in case you wondered was £3.50 from Wilkos and no you don’t need to use this, any tub with a lid would do but this one looked nice. In case you wondered my yogurt pot with bananas and blueberries came from Wilkos also a steal for £1 although the web says £3…


So in preparation I did bring a slightly better try of the ‘oaty bar’ as we can see and had that at about 10:45 (breakfast at my desk was about 8am). To be honest my lunch (we haven’t discussed that yet!) was eaten at 12:15 along with popcorn as an afternoon snack 3 hours early…so based on that and despite it being yummy am not sure this breakfast works for me, would be interested to hear what others find though. Feel free to comment below.


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Jane DoePosted on  10:40 am - Aug 5, 2018

So, an interesting fact occured a couple of days ago. One of my colleagues joined me for breakfast and I made them overnight oats whilst I had my Skyr breakfast. I also had brought with me 2 of my oaty bars one for each of us. What was interesting though was after finishing the overnight oats, within 5 minutes they picked up the oat bar and ate it…to some extent reinforcing my thought that this does not keep you full, they did not know my thoughts on this I should add but I was full, it wasn’t until 2 hours later I had my oaty bar.

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