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Homemade pizza with cottage cheese!

Well, after doing my research on cheese a few days ago I thought why not take a look at what cottage cheese on a pizza tastes like (actually one of my followers challenged me to make it!). I do want to start by saying though if you do not already like cottage cheese, this is not going to make you suddenly like it!

So off I popped to the shop to buy myself a tub and here it is…

As you can see I moved away for this one from the tomato puree, found the relish in the fridge and wanted to use it up, will try other versions.

The final image shows a somewhat sloppy slice, however, I am not totally sure I blame the cottage cheese (as that was a worry) I blame the tomato, as the juices were somewhat tomato like!

So the verdict? Actually I really liked it and will be using it again no questions asked, by far the lowest amount of salt without even considering calories! And in case you wondered where the topping went…


Oh there it is on my plate…

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Week 4

Current weight 14 stone 2…which is roughly 89.81kg or 198lbs, and I am happy with that!

I went of for a Mexican last week and although I stopped eating when full, still feel I should have eaten less. That could have cost me more loss, but there is always next week.

Today I want to talk about cheese!

I introduced mini me who was at home for a few hours to my pizza using a wrap (here in case you missed it) and they wanted to know if they could just use grated ‘normal’ cheese as that was what was missing. That got me thinking. Which cheeses have the least calories? Now I was going with halloumi as I like it and assumed it was low-calorie but had not really given it much thought beyond that. So you can imagine my surprise when I “googled” low calorie cheese that halloumi doesn’t even appear in any list! Now, that being said it is not going to stop me eating it, nor should it you if it is preferred, but I was surprised and confused, so according to a couple of websites, here are the lowest calorie cheeses to eat, and my views! They are in no particular order I should add.

Reader’s Digest – boast the 6 healthiest cheeses you can eat plus we don’t need to worry about calories…yeah…a tablespoon of Parmesan is only 22 calories, not really for a pizza though. In fact, although some of the other 5 look good calorie wise, this is only for an ounce…lets face it how much cheese is an ounce…not much on my pizza!

Health – gives us 4 cheeses, Swiss, Feta, Parmesan and Mozzarella although, a couple of these are high in salt which alone is enough for me to say no really on a pizza. But has me wondering on the salt content of halloumi…

Dairy Dairy – goes further than the previous two websites telling us how we can use the 5 cheeses full of taste but low in calories with beautiful pictures showing what it can look like! Forgetting of course to state how much is actually used in that pizza as I doubt it was a thumb size portion. I almost wish you could make pizza with cottage cheese, I love that, low calories for a cup but not sure it would work as a pizza…anyone willing to try?

Most of the other websites I looked at agreed with a mixture of what i shared above and so for a pizza mozzarella appears to be the better choice, however…this article makes for some interesting reading from the Daily Telegraph.

Finally…a word from the British Heart Foundation that may now change your mind (as it has mine!) It turns out that looking only at myth number one I finally find halloumi on a list…sadly:

“Some types of Roquefort, halloumi, feta and cheese singles are saltier than seawater. Cheese contains calcium and protein, so it can be OK in moderation, but remember: low-fat yogurt, tinned fish, tofu, lentils and beans are good sources of calcium and protein too.”

So I guess although I won’t stop eating halloumi, but I may definitely change my pizza topper to something slightly less salty, mozzarella will be my first choice! (not cottage cheese I should add but please share if you try that on a pizza!)

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Homemade ‘pizza’ for lunch

I must admit that a friend (who has lost sooo much weight I should add) inspired me to create this homemade pizza taken from their slimming world diet (not her link one I just found so you get the idea).

This is wrap pizza! And I have to say yum and I shall be having this one again when looking for a decent tasting reasonably quick lunch. I actually used mostly what I put in my wrap with slight changes.

Before you start, put the oven on 200 ready to use the middle shelf, it heats up whilst you prepare the ‘pizza’.

Eat and enjoy. I do wonder if passata (as it costs less) would work as well as puree, I also wonder about garlic pieces or garlic puree, but I am trying to save not spend money!

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Cost effective snacks…and a mess…

Well, after popcorn gate the other day when I consumed a complete bag of popcorn (5 portions in one go was quite impressive) I decided now was the time to put my latest acquisition to test! I give you the £13.00 Groupon popcorn maker! (Plus £1.99 P&P)

For me, remember it is not just about losing weight but also controlling my spending on food. So I then went to my local Wholefood shop (£3.86 am sure I can find that cheaper) and got myself some popping corn (kernels apparently).

So, £18.85 spent, which I figure equates to 20 bags of popcorn to break even, now, from the bag I can get 20 bags worth of popcorn if the popped weight is the same as the un-popped, otherwise I will have even more, easy right? I thought so when I went to do my first batch. It told me to fill the cup at the top and that is a portion and 50g (had I read that was going to produce roughly 10 cups (American measurements) that might have helped)…I placed a bowl in front as informed to do so, and waited for my dry popped corn to appear and then this happened…(not including me tipping the kernels in and them ending up all over the floor to start with…)

As you can see 50g was a tad more than I had envisioned…probably 10 times more (had I read the small print) than I would ever eat in one go! But it did take less than 3 minutes, was exceedingly tasty and I do believe I am onto a winner here financially as well as health wise. Just need to now see how well they keep in a vacuum sealed tub for future eating.

I should add, envisage popcorn going everything, me trying to locate another bowl whilst the fire alarm goes off at the same time, so I grab my phone and take some pictures…

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Week 3

Current weight 14 stone 3… which is roughly 90.27kg or 199lbs and after the week I have had I am surprised it was only that. I have eaten breakfast out twice and lunch twice and in the evening once and although I would say I chose healthily and had no desserts, I have equally been more sedentary over the last 4 days due to a foot issue which has resulted in difficulty walking. Excuses I know but actually fact. I also remembered why I should never buy in bulk having polished off a whole bag (which I normally make 5 portions) of pop corn yesterday…

But I have a solution to that and will be posting that soon!

Lunch at Cafe Des Ami in Canterbury, avocado and goats cheese starter and mushroom fajitas that I couldn’t actually finish! I didn’t eat any of the cheese and that was the only sour cream I had as a filling.

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Many have been asking what I do for my lunch at the moment. So here is one of the lunches I have. I am not a big eater of bread, not because it is carbs but because I can never eat a whole loaf on my own by the sell-by-date (and neither should I). So I eat either wraps, pitta or flatbread thins. The latter being cheaper to buy in Aldi the former perhaps in Lidl, I just found the images easier in Waitrose!

Today I have a wrap and actually I do like to mix up my fillings but as a staple nearly always include hummus (spelt many ways and you can make your own or buy it). And recently have fallen in love with halloumi cheese, today trying a chilli one. I also threw into the act lettuce, tomatoes and avocado.

I also wanted to show how easy it is to wrap and package up, and why I am happy with one wrap and not taking two with me to work (although they are so tasty I could eat two!)

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Week 2

Current weight 14 stone 1.5lbs. which is roughly 89.5kg or 197.5lbs. Although slightly disappointed in myself for the lb gain…I also know why I gained weight and refuse to beat myself up over the gain. I am just disappointed I didn’t lose.

Friday’s drinks did not help the case, but Sunday I over snacked due to boredom more than anything but worse was a bargain buy. Part of my journey is to save money and so always on the look out for a bargain I found one in Tesco at about 4:30pm when the store would be closing soon. To be honest I had gone looking for the Halo Top ice cream as mine I knew was almost finished but on the way in to the store I saw this…pie-.cost

And yes…22p is a bargain if you have perhaps a partner and 4 kids at home to give a dessert to…so today that now looks like this:


Simple hard fact, you put weight on if you eat more calories than you burn, FACT!

But that being said, if losing weight and then maintaining it was easy then this blog would be pointless and everyone would be a healthy weight for their size and there would be no clothes bigger than a size 14 in shops. So onwards and upwards.

Point to note, on Sunday I also consumed 6 diet drinks…to try and stop me eating…that didn’t work!

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Drinking and choices.

Well, for me water is the best drink, and I personally like to have at least 3 litres a day starting from the moment I wake up. But I also know not everyone can knock back 3 litres a day. I do have the benefit of really liking water though which helps. I think if you can make 2 litres a day that is a start.

We can of course drink diet drinks and in the past I have been known to have 5 or 6 cans of diet drink in a day, not the best option I can tell you know only for my health but also for the bank. In fact I was using an online budget tool (YNAB in case anyone wondered) and discovered I was spending about £120 a month on diet drinks…not good!

In addition to all of that wasted money, I also recently read an interesting article and although I could not find the original (I can guarantee I was not reading the Mail Online I should add), the NHS website in the link makes for interesting reading. Am very interested to hear what people think and how many overweight people live on diet drinks? This I do believe though is personal choice and I am limiting my diet drinks for financial reasons mostly.

That moves me onto alcohol. I do not believe for 1 second that we should not be drinking alcohol whilst trying to lose or maintain weight, however, we do need perhaps to be aware of the implications of drinking. Some drinks are relatively low in calories, however, Friday I had a drink (Old Mout) and did look for the calories on the bottle. Sadly the bottle didn’t have any written on it, and it went down so well at the end of the week, so when offered I had another bottle…I do believe had I seen the calories I would have never had another one and drinking over 700 calories is never a good choice for no reason. Yes perhaps if it was a party, or some celebration, but the end of the week no matter how much we try to convince ourselves is not a celebration people!

So, what does everyone else drink and are you aware of the calories you are consuming? I should add I am not advocating a calorie counting diet here, life is too short! Just being aware of what some drinks contains, that is all.

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Eating Out!

So today was the first time I have eaten out since I started this journey, and to be honest I eat out quite a lot, as I said I really like food.

Today my friend and I went to Il Posticino a lovely Italian restaurant in Canterbury. They are a vegetarian I should add so chose according to their diet, I chose just what I fancied but had certain factors to consider.

Firstly they do a great lunchtime offer, so we had already predetermined we were having a starter and a main but not a dessert. Laying that foundation down early works well, especially here when the portions are quite filling (but as you will see not too large).

I also never order drinks and prefer to just have water, I find drinking water during my meal also helps me to be full up and avoid dessert! So below are our choices.

The first 2 are mine and the second 2 are part of the vegetarian option, as I said small portions and yes there is clearly carbs in both (I like to have carbs) my starter has fried pizza dough and the vegetarian starter has minimal carbs with the millefeuille and my main is full of protein packed chicken and the vegetarian main is a tomato, basil, leek, pistachios and chilli sauce.


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Struggling with temptations…

This morning has been most difficult, fact! And it would be useful to know how others deal with the need to eat for not relevant reason. That is, it is not breakfast, lunch or snack time and there is no reason you should be hungry.

Today I ate my breakfast at about 8:30 maybe 9am. By 9:30 I was already chomping at the bit to eat something, so I was pouring water down my throat and eventually hit my one fizzy drink I am trying to have a day. By 10am I gave in and ate my 10:30 snack.

By 11am my afternoon snack of popcorn had also been eaten then 11:15 my lunch…

Positives to keep from this. I know from 1pm this afternoon I am going to be interviewing so there is no opportunity to snack, that is why I eventually ate my afternoon snack and lunch.

I am off in a minute towards the [re interview room so I know I will now not eat anything until this evening when I get home!

Things to think about…what was causing this, what did I do if anything differently? I did eat dinner late last night, but it was a larger meal than normal (very healthy as was at a friends) did the meal impact on my need for food? I had boring tasks to do this morning, did that mean this was purely boredom…I did my tasks but it was a hard slog.

What do others do to overcome this burning desire to eat something? Feel free to share, equally when you normally get an attack of the nibbles? Would be useful to hear how you try to tackle this and what works and what doesn’t.

Today would have been long had I not been interviewing soon…

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