To snack or not to snack…

To snack or not to snack…

Now I am a firm believer in snacking, but also know from personal experience the wrong snack really can be counter productive leaving you wanting more snacks. But it is up to personal choice but would love to hear others views on this.

I have now the oaty bars although this coming week I am going to experiment with more no-bake snacks that are cost-effective and don’t have you reaching for more. I also started last week eating popcorn. I luckily prefer salty popcorn but am also aware of the calories that can be in it so have been buying big bags and splitting them into 5 pots to have one a day. At the moment I have been buying Proper Corn which is on offer at Tesco’s at the moment for £1 a bag, but if anyone finds a lightly salted one cheaper let me know as I think we can get that price lower. But Tesco also does its own branded salty popcorn for a £1 anyway but it is quite salted, which I like but probably need to watch the daily intake of salt there.

In addition, someone yesterday, introduced me to Halo Top ice cream, yes that does say ice cream!! Now there are a few flavours here and I myself yesterday tried the peanut butter cup… OMG is all I can say and the whole tub is only 320 calories and some are gluten-free and others dairy free. You need to remember it is supposed to be 4 portions so find a small bowl so you do not eat the whole tub. It does appear on the costly side but if you divide the cost by 4 and think what a bar of chocolate costs it is not that expensive. I found it in my local Tesco and I know Ocado stock it, if you find it anywhere else let me know. Finally, my friend suggested not having the vanilla, but it may be personal taste, I can recommend the peanut butter though!

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0 thoughts on “To snack or not to snack…

Vivien BlundenPosted on  12:59 pm - Aug 6, 2018

Those oaty bars look incredible!

Zoe Connell (@ConnellZoe)Posted on  10:12 am - Aug 10, 2018

I am a crisp lover so switching these out for things like popcorn and rice cakes really helps me!

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