1 Week

1 Week

Current weight 14 stone 1/2 which is roughly 88.9kg or 196lbs 

So week 1 has gone, that went very quickly, and the scales were happy as was I! Of course it is not as straight forward as me eating a breakfast that keeps me full every morning. In addition to this I have been having my oaty bars as a morning snack and popcorn in the afternoons. I have also been drinking a minimum of 3 litres of water a day which in this weather is easy to do and will talk about fluids in another blog.

My lunch and dinners have varied over the past week, including amongst other things a chicken and mushroom pukka pie and chips from the local chip shop. So how did I lose the weight then you think? Well for me, I ate nothing else, normally I snack all the time and so by ensuring I didn’t need to snack (and a little bit well a big bit of will power) I managed to lose weight.

I have been here before though so am not yet happy, when I have maintained that weight I may feel happier as I lost 3lbs a few weeks ago and put it all back on again!

Also this week I am going out for lunch definitely once and possible twice, meals out and how to deal with them when you love food is also another area I will be looking at later this week so watch this space!


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