Struggling with temptations…

Struggling with temptations…

This morning has been most difficult, fact! And it would be useful to know how others deal with the need to eat for not relevant reason. That is, it is not breakfast, lunch or snack time and there is no reason you should be hungry.

Today I ate my breakfast at about 8:30 maybe 9am. By 9:30 I was already chomping at the bit to eat something, so I was pouring water down my throat and eventually hit my one fizzy drink I am trying to have a day. By 10am I gave in and ate my 10:30 snack.

By 11am my afternoon snack of popcorn had also been eaten then 11:15 my lunch…

Positives to keep from this. I know from 1pm this afternoon I am going to be interviewing so there is no opportunity to snack, that is why I eventually ate my afternoon snack and lunch.

I am off in a minute towards the [re interview room so I know I will now not eat anything until this evening when I get home!

Things to think about…what was causing this, what did I do if anything differently? I did eat dinner late last night, but it was a larger meal than normal (very healthy as was at a friends) did the meal impact on my need for food? I had boring tasks to do this morning, did that mean this was purely boredom…I did my tasks but it was a hard slog.

What do others do to overcome this burning desire to eat something? Feel free to share, equally when you normally get an attack of the nibbles? Would be useful to hear how you try to tackle this and what works and what doesn’t.

Today would have been long had I not been interviewing soon…

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