Eating Out!

Eating Out!

So today was the first time I have eaten out since I started this journey, and to be honest I eat out quite a lot, as I said I really like food.

Today my friend and I went to Il Posticino a lovely Italian restaurant in Canterbury. They are a vegetarian I should add so chose according to their diet, I chose just what I fancied but had certain factors to consider.

Firstly they do a great lunchtime offer, so we had already predetermined we were having a starter and a main but not a dessert. Laying that foundation down early works well, especially here when the portions are quite filling (but as you will see not too large).

I also never order drinks and prefer to just have water, I find drinking water during my meal also helps me to be full up and avoid dessert! So below are our choices.

The first 2 are mine and the second 2 are part of the vegetarian option, as I said small portions and yes there is clearly carbs in both (I like to have carbs) my starter has fried pizza dough and the vegetarian starter has minimal carbs with the millefeuille and my main is full of protein packed chicken and the vegetarian main is a tomato, basil, leek, pistachios and chilli sauce.


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