Drinking and choices.

Drinking and choices.

Well, for me water is the best drink, and I personally like to have at least 3 litres a day starting from the moment I wake up. But I also know not everyone can knock back 3 litres a day. I do have the benefit of really liking water though which helps. I think if you can make 2 litres a day that is a start.

We can of course drink diet drinks and in the past I have been known to have 5 or 6 cans of diet drink in a day, not the best option I can tell you know only for my health but also for the bank. In fact I was using an online budget tool (YNAB in case anyone wondered) and discovered I was spending about £120 a month on diet drinks…not good!

In addition to all of that wasted money, I also recently read an interesting article and although I could not find the original (I can guarantee I was not reading the Mail Online I should add), the NHS website in the link makes for interesting reading. Am very interested to hear what people think and how many overweight people live on diet drinks? This I do believe though is personal choice and I am limiting my diet drinks for financial reasons mostly.

That moves me onto alcohol. I do not believe for 1 second that we should not be drinking alcohol whilst trying to lose or maintain weight, however, we do need perhaps to be aware of the implications of drinking. Some drinks are relatively low in calories, however, Friday I had a drink (Old Mout) and did look for the calories on the bottle. Sadly the bottle didn’t have any written on it, and it went down so well at the end of the week, so when offered I had another bottle…I do believe had I seen the calories I would have never had another one and drinking over 700 calories is never a good choice for no reason. Yes perhaps if it was a party, or some celebration, but the end of the week no matter how much we try to convince ourselves is not a celebration people!

So, what does everyone else drink and are you aware of the calories you are consuming? I should add I am not advocating a calorie counting diet here, life is too short! Just being aware of what some drinks contains, that is all.

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