Week 2

Week 2

Current weight 14 stone 1.5lbs. which is roughly 89.5kg or 197.5lbs. Although slightly disappointed in myself for the lb gain…I also know why I gained weight and refuse to beat myself up over the gain. I am just disappointed I didn’t lose.

Friday’s drinks did not help the case, but Sunday I over snacked due to boredom more than anything but worse was a bargain buy. Part of my journey is to save money and so always on the look out for a bargain I found one in Tesco at about 4:30pm when the store would be closing soon. To be honest I had gone looking for the Halo Top ice cream as mine I knew was almost finished but on the way in to the store I saw this…pie-.cost

And yes…22p is a bargain if you have perhaps a partner and 4 kids at home to give a dessert to…so today that now looks like this:


Simple hard fact, you put weight on if you eat more calories than you burn, FACT!

But that being said, if losing weight and then maintaining it was easy then this blog would be pointless and everyone would be a healthy weight for their size and there would be no clothes bigger than a size 14 in shops. So onwards and upwards.

Point to note, on Sunday I also consumed 6 diet drinks…to try and stop me eating…that didn’t work!

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Vivien BlundenPosted on  1:54 pm - Aug 14, 2018

No beating up allowed! Still down from the start and you’re set up for a good week ahead.
Reductions on unhealthy treats are always a problem. Go to the shops in the morning and avoid the yellow stickered pies.

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