Many have been asking what I do for my lunch at the moment. So here is one of the lunches I have. I am not a big eater of bread, not because it is carbs but because I can never eat a whole loaf on my own by the sell-by-date (and neither should I). So I eat either wraps, pitta or flatbread thins. The latter being cheaper to buy in Aldi the former perhaps in Lidl, I just found the images easier in Waitrose!

Today I have a wrap and actually I do like to mix up my fillings but as a staple nearly always include hummus (spelt many ways and you can make your own or buy it). And recently have fallen in love with halloumi cheese, today trying a chilli one. I also threw into the act lettuce, tomatoes and avocado.

I also wanted to show how easy it is to wrap and package up, and why I am happy with one wrap and not taking two with me to work (although they are so tasty I could eat two!)

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