Week 3

Week 3

Current weight 14 stone 3… which is roughly 90.27kg or 199lbs and after the week I have had I am surprised it was only that. I have eaten breakfast out twice and lunch twice and in the evening once and although I would say I chose healthily and had no desserts, I have equally been more sedentary over the last 4 days due to a foot issue which has resulted in difficulty walking. Excuses I know but actually fact. I also remembered why I should never buy in bulk having polished off a whole bag (which I normally make 5 portions) of pop corn yesterday…

But I have a solution to that and will be posting that soon!

Lunch at Cafe Des Ami in Canterbury, avocado and goats cheese starter and mushroom fajitas that I couldn’t actually finish! I didn’t eat any of the cheese and that was the only sour cream I had as a filling.

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