Cost effective snacks…and a mess…

Cost effective snacks…and a mess…

Well, after popcorn gate the other day when I consumed a complete bag of popcorn (5 portions in one go was quite impressive) I decided now was the time to put my latest acquisition to test! I give you the £13.00 Groupon popcorn maker! (Plus £1.99 P&P)

For me, remember it is not just about losing weight but also controlling my spending on food. So I then went to my local Wholefood shop (£3.86 am sure I can find that cheaper) and got myself some popping corn (kernels apparently).

So, £18.85 spent, which I figure equates to 20 bags of popcorn to break even, now, from the bag I can get 20 bags worth of popcorn if the popped weight is the same as the un-popped, otherwise I will have even more, easy right? I thought so when I went to do my first batch. It told me to fill the cup at the top and that is a portion and 50g (had I read that was going to produce roughly 10 cups (American measurements) that might have helped)…I placed a bowl in front as informed to do so, and waited for my dry popped corn to appear and then this happened…(not including me tipping the kernels in and them ending up all over the floor to start with…)

As you can see 50g was a tad more than I had envisioned…probably 10 times more (had I read the small print) than I would ever eat in one go! But it did take less than 3 minutes, was exceedingly tasty and I do believe I am onto a winner here financially as well as health wise. Just need to now see how well they keep in a vacuum sealed tub for future eating.

I should add, envisage popcorn going everything, me trying to locate another bowl whilst the fire alarm goes off at the same time, so I grab my phone and take some pictures…

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