Homemade ‘pizza’ for lunch

Homemade ‘pizza’ for lunch

I must admit that a friend (who has lost sooo much weight I should add) inspired me to create this homemade pizza taken from their slimming world diet (not her link one I just found so you get the idea).

This is wrap pizza! And I have to say yum and I shall be having this one again when looking for a decent tasting reasonably quick lunch. I actually used mostly what I put in my wrap with slight changes.

Before you start, put the oven on 200 ready to use the middle shelf, it heats up whilst you prepare the ‘pizza’.

Eat and enjoy. I do wonder if passata (as it costs less) would work as well as puree, I also wonder about garlic pieces or garlic puree, but I am trying to save not spend money!

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