Homemade pizza with cottage cheese!

Homemade pizza with cottage cheese!

Well, after doing my research on cheese a few days ago I thought why not take a look at what cottage cheese on a pizza tastes like (actually one of my followers challenged me to make it!). I do want to start by saying though if you do not already like cottage cheese, this is not going to make you suddenly like it!

So off I popped to the shop to buy myself a tub and here it is…

As you can see I moved away for this one from the tomato puree, found the relish in the fridge and wanted to use it up, will try other versions.

The final image shows a somewhat sloppy slice, however, I am not totally sure I blame the cottage cheese (as that was a worry) I blame the tomato, as the juices were somewhat tomato like!

So the verdict? Actually I really liked it and will be using it again no questions asked, by far the lowest amount of salt without even considering calories! And in case you wondered where the topping went…


Oh there it is on my plate…

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