Week 6

Week 6

Current weight 13 stone 12.75…which is roughly 88.34kg or 194.75lbs.

Yes! As you can see finally down in to the 13’s and so happy for myself.

This past week you may have noticed I had not posted a blog as I normally do, that is despite trying a couple of new food ideas being back at work took more time than I had intended. In addition to this and the main reason is the blog is moving, hopefully by the end of this coming weekend so watch out for the new blog which is hosted by me and allows me a little bit more freedom.

I am with this post putting it in both blogs as it is not quite ready to move over, but once it is a post will appear sharing how you can access it and what you need to click to continue following me on my journey.

Just as a little taster, I have been looking at more breakfasts over the weekend and tried breakfast muffins which I have to say taste delicious!

I took it from here and although I made minor changes they still tasted yummy!

Whisk the eggs

Add all ingredients…

I only added spring onion not ham

Chopped up some mozzarella

Added the cheese when half full

Then covered the top

Bake for 30 minutes

Leave to cool…

Eat and enjoy!




























Things I have learnt…do not use a hand blender when mixing the ingredients together, although still delicious not as fluffy looking as the picture, I think I blended the air out!

Be easy if you go for spring onion, perhaps I added a bit too much, I love onion but not sure I want it that strong for breakfast.

Using a jug was the best way to be able to pour them into the muffin tin, I now need to invest in a cooler rack though!

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