Week 8

Week 8

Current weight 13 stone 11.75…which is roughly 87.88kg or 193.75lbs

A loss of a lb, and I just wanted to share that when I started 8 weeks ago starting weight 14 stone 5 which is roughly 91kg or 201lbs so in total I have now lost 7.25 lbs which is roughly 3.12kg. Not bad for eating 5 times a day and not currently being able to jog due to injury! So very little exercise was involved, I do swim once a week but as I hate swimming with a passion, trust me swimming fast is not something I do…

I have made interesting discoveries since I have switched the website over, take note, although you should get an email when I post a blog, apparently as I add pages we do not get informed, although it is moving slowly I am starting to add the recipe pages. Under Dinner we have all the pizzas I have tried and now the vegetarian chilli I make.

I do have more recipes to include and these will be added slowly under Recipes, clicking on Recipes then using the drop down or the + button to select which meal and then the item.

Please feel free to share this with your friends and family, I would like to have more sharing on the website and if anyone has something they wish me to try and make a less calorific version of let me know, even I can only eat so many pizzas but have one more with ‘pineapple’ at the request of a friend to try!


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