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Week 13

Current weight 13 stone 9.25…which is roughly 86.75kg or 191.25lbs

First gain in a while but I have to say I can’t say I am surprised and actually, 0.75lbs for me is nothing realistically and so if others gained weight I would not be too disheartened. So what has changed in my life perhaps to make this gain occur.

Well for the past few weeks I have had a lodger staying with me who is a chef by trade but who is not working as one but knows how to cook lovely smelling and tasty dishes. For me trying to get them to understand I would happily eat half the size of the portions they make me is difficult (they are not foreign so understand me!). They also buy lovely doughnuts that they leave for me to have one or two and my will power is very much an ‘out of sight out of mind’ so when they are there it is hard of for me to avoid them.

On the plus side however, I found another cheaper alternative for the fizzy drinks that may work, we shall see and that is the sparkling water hint of range from Tesco at only 45p a litre! Have been trialling it and actually a bottle of this can almost last all day, so if I can resist it until I have consumed my morning cup of tea and at least one bottle of water then I may be well and truly on my way to what costs under £2.50 a week! Now if you can find it cheaper let me know, and before you ask 6 calories a bottle.

So tonight I head home to the knowledge I have been made a curry and rice dinner…am hoping it is a small portion shall we say. And from Wednesday I shall be keeping my food receipts again to see if I can spend less than I did the last time for a month on food.

There are a couple of new recipes under lunch, my wraps as mentioned last week and Crispy Baked Avocado Wedges, yes they are as yummy as they sound!

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Week 12

Current weight 13 stone 8.5…which is roughly 86.41kg or 190.5lbs

The past week I have to say has absolutely flown by and another lb has been lost which is a great feeling I must say. In past diets I have lost a couple of lbs or even more a week but as this is not a diet just a change of eating I am happy as my body adjusts to what I am feeding it and I no longer have the urge to reach for the crisps and chocolate. What I suppose surprises me the most is actually lunch, I have not put much lunch under the recipes yet and for that I apologise, I have been eating a similar lunch of a wrap every day just with a change of fillings now and then and I guess I wanted to have more lunches before I started to populate that area, but a page and wraps I think will be good.

We are still having a few teething issues with the new site, apparently none of you can comment on anything, some of you sometimes miss this weekly blog and one of you gets blank pages on a Tuesday afternoon! We are working very hard behind the scenes to rectify this before I advertise the site more as poor Zoe after 3 attempts has still not be able to even follow the blog which makes me wonder how many people I don’t actually know are having that same issue.

Those of you looking I have been adding dinner recipes most weeks now, because they are pages and not blog posts you do not get emailed about this so do check the recipe section weekly as I do add something each week and if you wish to share your own meals, feel free to email or message me if you are unable to comment.

Last week was very busy for me in terms of teaching load and although that can keep away the snacking issues (I must confess I have not snacked beyond my set snacks for a while now!) I did consume on some of the days last week 6 (yes that does say 6) bottles of Dr Pepper Zero…and as this is about saving money as well as losing weight and eating healthily that is what I call ‘wasted drink’ in my YNAB app. as I wasted on the days I had 6 a grand total of £7.80 a day and most days last week I had 6 bottles. However, I may have found a solution to minimise this! Initially a friend suggested making my own Dr Pepper drink, I looked and even found the ingredients on Amazon and was thinking I may go for it but then, found an easier solution, fizzy water and lime cordial…Yes, I am aware I am using an old bottle from my favourite drink before anyone comments, but it was there and I like a bit of recycling, and I have to say it does actually work. This one was made using a 1 litre bottle which cost 53p and I already had lime cordial in the house to be honest. I also bought a pack of 6 fizzy waters for £1.54 I think and had been topping them up with the cordial to drink. What I wanted to see though was would they hold sufficient ‘fizz’ to keep me satisfied? Actually although slightly flatter than the drink was the moment I opened it, these are not bad and if I were to drink 6 of these a day (I may keep a large bottle and some cordial in my office) it won’t be costing me much over £2 which although still a waste of money is easier to swallow than what I have been spending.

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Week 11

Current weight 13 stone 9.5…which is roughly 86.86kg or 191.5lbs

Wow, I can’t believe I had been doing this blog now for 11 weeks, August 1st when I first weighed in feels like a lifetime away and, I was quite surprised to see the 1lb loss this morning, and yet very happy!The last week has not been the easiest. Having a lodger in the house has benefits but also pushes my resolve to the limit as well as we went out for breakfast Sunday morning. I struggled to stay on top of pre preparing my lunch so not all days had the consistency I had worked so hard on keeping to, but 12 days without a lay in was starting to take control by Friday. Breakfast became a banana and fizzy drinks are back up to 4 a day… £5.20 a day wasted on fizzy drinks, I am not happy with that. However, despite all that I did not reach for bad snacks and that is why I still lost 1lb.

I did try 2 new recipes, firstly the chickpea, spinach and egg curry followed by butternut squash dhal. Both for me were great tasting and a welcome addition to the dinner recipes and am looking forward to someone else trying them or variations.

In addition a couple of my students came to my lesson today with their own take on the 5 ingredient peanut butter and banana energy bars. These are not dieting students, these are healthy men who also happen to be vegetarian and looking to widen their cooking skills with healthy meals and snacks! It got the thumbs up from me.

Snack made by Alex and Joe!


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Week 10

Current weight 13 stone 10.5…which is roughly 87.32kg or 192.5lbs

So I have a lot to talk about this week, but of course am happy to share I have lost another lb, happy because due to the stresses again of the past week  more than one day I was just too tired and busy to make my lunch and so had to make the right choices at work whilst being annoyed I was spending money when I didn’t need to! But, another lb so I am very happy.

If you haven’t already noticed, clicking on Recipes in the main navigation will now take you to a drop down menu where you can now start to access some of the recipes I have found online which are healthy and less costly and have helped me to lose weight in a slow but healthy way. Let me know what you think or if you have other recipes you would like me to try and share here.

In addition, at the request of follower Zoe, I tried pineapple with cottage cheese on a pizza at the weekend! Now I must confess I made it Hawaiian so added a little chorizo and in addition did half cottage cheese half mozzarella because I was curios which I would prefer. But yes, pineapple and cottage cheese on a pizza works very well, as does for the non vegetarians the chorizo with the mozzarella.

Tasty pineapple, cottage cheese and a few additions.

Then Monday night, after being cooked a lovely Bolognese by an Italian friend on Saturday, I used the left overs to make another pizza with included a little mozzarella and left over chickpeas I had already baked in paprika.

Bolognese with mozzarella and chickpeas.

I have got to say this was one of the nicest pizzas I have made yet, even the base was really crispy and held which is doesn’t always do I can tell you! I am not sure when I will next have left over Bolognese but if I do have it again it going on a pizza definitely. (I should add my Italian friend was less than impressed when they heard I made a pizza with it…)

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Week 9

Current weight 13 stone 11.5…which is roughly 87.77kg or 193.5lbs

I must confess I was not expecting to lose any weight, so am very happy with the 1/4lb loss. I know I weighed less yesterday, however, I awoke with a sore throat yesterday morning and as such ate my weight in cough sweets and drank 4 hot full sugar Ribena’s which didn’t bode well so I can take 1/4lb happily!

I suppose the question is though how do we cope with the stresses of life and illness. I was talking a colleague recently who said do you not discuss your job and how finding time to cook healthy meals is difficult. I guess I do not wish to make excuses for bad eating. Yes, it is hard at the end of a long day to come home and make yourself a meal (or your whole family as can be the case) but preparation beforehand can help with this, or quick healthy meals that do not take much time such as, you may laugh, my pizzas. So last night despite not feeling great I had a pizza, took about 20 minutes in total to heat the oven and bake the base and add the toppings. But planning in advance what you plan to eat I guess is something which we all should do and perhaps creating a weekly planner and a set of ‘go to’ foods when time (or mood) is tight, is key. I do have gluten free burritos in my freezer for when really pressed to eat. I should add Waitrose do them at £1 sometimes and so I pick a load up as I think that is good value, the fact they are gluten free is irrelevant I should add, just the cost. They are also vegetarian in case anyone wondered.

Over the weekend I also tried so new breakfast muffins, this time courgette ones. Very tasty but finding the time to share all of the latest items is proving challenging, mainly because although this website is better than the other I am still finding my way round and some of the things are not as straight forward such as images as I like to show images. I will get there though as I really wish to have at least 14 recipes under each of the headings in the recipes and am on my way there with that, I just need to add them.

Don’t forget to click follow at the bottom to keep getting my updates, I aim to only add a blog once a week so keep coming back to see what new pages are added!

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