Week 9

Week 9

Current weight 13 stone 11.5…which is roughly 87.77kg or 193.5lbs

I must confess I was not expecting to lose any weight, so am very happy with the 1/4lb loss. I know I weighed less yesterday, however, I awoke with a sore throat yesterday morning and as such ate my weight in cough sweets and drank 4 hot full sugar Ribena’s which didn’t bode well so I can take 1/4lb happily!

I suppose the question is though how do we cope with the stresses of life and illness. I was talking a colleague recently who said do you not discuss your job and how finding time to cook healthy meals is difficult. I guess I do not wish to make excuses for bad eating. Yes, it is hard at the end of a long day to come home and make yourself a meal (or your whole family as can be the case) but preparation beforehand can help with this, or quick healthy meals that do not take much time such as, you may laugh, my pizzas. So last night despite not feeling great I had a pizza, took about 20 minutes in total to heat the oven and bake the base and add the toppings. But planning in advance what you plan to eat I guess is something which we all should do and perhaps creating a weekly planner and a set of ‘go to’ foods when time (or mood) is tight, is key. I do have gluten free burritos in my freezer for when really pressed to eat. I should add Waitrose do them at £1 sometimes and so I pick a load up as I think that is good value, the fact they are gluten free is irrelevant I should add, just the cost. They are also vegetarian in case anyone wondered.

Over the weekend I also tried so new breakfast muffins, this time courgette ones. Very tasty but finding the time to share all of the latest items is proving challenging, mainly because although this website is better than the other I am still finding my way round and some of the things are not as straight forward such as images as I like to show images. I will get there though as I really wish to have at least 14 recipes under each of the headings in the recipes and am on my way there with that, I just need to add them.

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