Week 10

Week 10

Current weight 13 stone 10.5…which is roughly 87.32kg or 192.5lbs

So I have a lot to talk about this week, but of course am happy to share I have lost another lb, happy because due to the stresses again of the past week  more than one day I was just too tired and busy to make my lunch and so had to make the right choices at work whilst being annoyed I was spending money when I didn’t need to! But, another lb so I am very happy.

If you haven’t already noticed, clicking on Recipes in the main navigation will now take you to a drop down menu where you can now start to access some of the recipes I have found online which are healthy and less costly and have helped me to lose weight in a slow but healthy way. Let me know what you think or if you have other recipes you would like me to try and share here.

In addition, at the request of follower Zoe, I tried pineapple with cottage cheese on a pizza at the weekend! Now I must confess I made it Hawaiian so added a little chorizo and in addition did half cottage cheese half mozzarella because I was curios which I would prefer. But yes, pineapple and cottage cheese on a pizza works very well, as does for the non vegetarians the chorizo with the mozzarella.

Tasty pineapple, cottage cheese and a few additions.

Then Monday night, after being cooked a lovely Bolognese by an Italian friend on Saturday, I used the left overs to make another pizza with included a little mozzarella and left over chickpeas I had already baked in paprika.

Bolognese with mozzarella and chickpeas.

I have got to say this was one of the nicest pizzas I have made yet, even the base was really crispy and held which is doesn’t always do I can tell you! I am not sure when I will next have left over Bolognese but if I do have it again it going on a pizza definitely. (I should add my Italian friend was less than impressed when they heard I made a pizza with it…)

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