Week 12

Week 12

Current weight 13 stone 8.5…which is roughly 86.41kg or 190.5lbs

The past week I have to say has absolutely flown by and another lb has been lost which is a great feeling I must say. In past diets I have lost a couple of lbs or even more a week but as this is not a diet just a change of eating I am happy as my body adjusts to what I am feeding it and I no longer have the urge to reach for the crisps and chocolate. What I suppose surprises me the most is actually lunch, I have not put much lunch under the recipes yet and for that I apologise, I have been eating a similar lunch of a wrap every day just with a change of fillings now and then and I guess I wanted to have more lunches before I started to populate that area, but a page and wraps I think will be good.

We are still having a few teething issues with the new site, apparently none of you can comment on anything, some of you sometimes miss this weekly blog and one of you gets blank pages on a Tuesday afternoon! We are working very hard behind the scenes to rectify this before I advertise the site more as poor Zoe after 3 attempts has still not be able to even follow the blog which makes me wonder how many people I don’t actually know are having that same issue.

Those of you looking I have been adding dinner recipes most weeks now, because they are pages and not blog posts you do not get emailed about this so do check the recipe section weekly as I do add something each week and if you wish to share your own meals, feel free to email or message me if you are unable to comment.

Last week was very busy for me in terms of teaching load and although that can keep away the snacking issues (I must confess I have not snacked beyond my set snacks for a while now!) I did consume on some of the days last week 6 (yes that does say 6) bottles of Dr Pepper Zero…and as this is about saving money as well as losing weight and eating healthily that is what I call ‘wasted drink’ in my YNAB app. as I wasted on the days I had 6 a grand total of £7.80 a day and most days last week I had 6 bottles. However, I may have found a solution to minimise this! Initially a friend suggested making my own Dr Pepper drink, I looked and even found the ingredients on Amazon and was thinking I may go for it but then, found an easier solution, fizzy water and lime cordial…Yes, I am aware I am using an old bottle from my favourite drink before anyone comments, but it was there and I like a bit of recycling, and I have to say it does actually work. This one was made using a 1 litre bottle which cost 53p and I already had lime cordial in the house to be honest. I also bought a pack of 6 fizzy waters for £1.54 I think and had been topping them up with the cordial to drink. What I wanted to see though was would they hold sufficient ‘fizz’ to keep me satisfied? Actually although slightly flatter than the drink was the moment I opened it, these are not bad and if I were to drink 6 of these a day (I may keep a large bottle and some cordial in my office) it won’t be costing me much over £2 which although still a waste of money is easier to swallow than what I have been spending.

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