Week 13

Week 13

Current weight 13 stone 9.25…which is roughly 86.75kg or 191.25lbs

First gain in a while but I have to say I can’t say I am surprised and actually, 0.75lbs for me is nothing realistically and so if others gained weight I would not be too disheartened. So what has changed in my life perhaps to make this gain occur.

Well for the past few weeks I have had a lodger staying with me who is a chef by trade but who is not working as one but knows how to cook lovely smelling and tasty dishes. For me trying to get them to understand I would happily eat half the size of the portions they make me is difficult (they are not foreign so understand me!). They also buy lovely doughnuts that they leave for me to have one or two and my will power is very much an ‘out of sight out of mind’ so when they are there it is hard of for me to avoid them.

On the plus side however, I found another cheaper alternative for the fizzy drinks that may work, we shall see and that is the sparkling water hint of range from Tesco at only 45p a litre! Have been trialling it and actually a bottle of this can almost last all day, so if I can resist it until I have consumed my morning cup of tea and at least one bottle of water then I may be well and truly on my way to what costs under £2.50 a week! Now if you can find it cheaper let me know, and before you ask 6 calories a bottle.

So tonight I head home to the knowledge I have been made a curry and rice dinner…am hoping it is a small portion shall we say. And from Wednesday I shall be keeping my food receipts again to see if I can spend less than I did the last time for a month on food.

There are a couple of new recipes under lunch, my wraps as mentioned last week and Crispy Baked Avocado Wedges, yes they are as yummy as they sound!

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