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Week 17

Current weight 13 stone 9.25…which is roughly 86.75kg or 191.25lbs

Well, since I last weighed in 2 weeks ago you may notice I have lost nearly 4lbs, that of course has all been mostly caused by me being ill and as of today I am still not able to eat a healthy diet. Well healthy in that I am not really eating that much due to having a stomach virus. This kind of weigh loss of course is not good, as I should once totally healthy return to the weight I was before I fell ill.

Good news though having stopped drinking Tesco’s fizzy water 2 weeks and 4 days ago my resting heart rate (despite me being ill) has actually dropped down to 65. To see what that looks like here is my resting heart rate over the past 30 days. The flat section from last week was when my Fitbit stopped working  should add, and also when I was first ill.

This weekend I do aim if I can that is to return and drink it again for a week just to see if it takes my heart rate back up again, but I think you can agree this is quite damning!

I haven’t had a chance to do much cooking over the past week, but if I am able do intend to do a low-cost healthy chicken pie this weekend if I am up to it. Hard to cook though when you have zero appetite!

And to end, I came across this article last month, and actually found it quite interesting. Worth a read I think as it made me think, am I doing what it says…no videos of what I eat in a day though ever I promise!

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Week 16

Due to illness, there is no weigh in this week but check out my chicken and sausage gumbo recipe found under Chicken and Sausage Gumbo

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Week 15

Current weight 13 stone 13…which is roughly 88.45kg or 195lbs

There are no excuses really but actually I am quite happy and have learnt something interesting over the past 2 weeks. 2 weeks ago I switched my regular drink of Dr Pepper Zero (500ml £1.30 but prices can vary) for the cheaper alternative, of Tesco’s fizzy water (currently down to 37p a litre.) Last Friday I noticed 2 things, one I won’t go into too much detail but involved my internal digestion and the other even more alarming was my resting heart rate. In 2 weeks my resting heart rate has gone from 68 to 79! That is the highest it has been since I got my Fitbit 3 years ago. Last Friday was the last time I drank that specific drink and as of today 4 days of not drinking it my heart rate has dropped back down to 76. I do intend to stay off it for 3 weeks to see if it comes totally back down again and then reintroduce the drink just to see if it was that which caused the spike.

I should add I also checked the ingredients as I drink a range of diet products so was confused how it could be having this impact. Turns out my beloved Dr Pepper Zero, has ‘aspartame’ as the artificial sweetener, and the fizzy water has ‘sucralose’ so I am guessing that may be it. Interestingly, the NHS claim sucralose is quite safe, maybe it is just me that does not get on particularly well with it, well consuming 2 litres a day probably didn’t help.

So, another weight gain and that is despite me actually swimming twice last week, but to misquote my favourite quote, ‘you can’t out swim a bad diet’ but my diet was not bad last week, I think I just ate more. I will get on top of this though because what is the point of blogging my journey when I am not even managing to stay at the same weight.

Last Sunday though, I added a new snack for those of you who like mango, you need to try my Mango Lassi. Definitely a snack and not just a healthy drink as this will keep you going as a mid morning or afternoon snack. My lunches need some work I am beginning to think as perhaps the repetition of wraps is part of the issue, time to find some thick healthy cheap soups perhaps as the winter slowly starts to arrive (well at 13 degrees we can agree it is still a long way away!)

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Week 14

Current weight 13 stone 11…which is roughly 87.42kg or 193lbs

Slightly gutted at the weight gain again and yet not surprised in the slightest but am perhaps in need of advice. In the last 2 weeks all of the effort I am putting in has not been helping as I have had days when I have just had an uncontrollable urge to eat! Someone did ask me a few weeks ago what you should do when you really need to eat? Well nothing could stop me when getting home from work yesterday after a day of teaching I still went out to post a letter in town (not the nearest post box) and got a McDonalds…which I didn’t even enjoy!

I then walked to the local news agent afterwards and bought chocolate and crisps!!! So why? Nothing is stressing me in life and work and home life is no different from 2 weeks ago, so what has changed? Well I was speaking to a friend about this and we discussed could it be the clocks changing perhaps? Which sounds perhaps a bit far fetched or is it. I talked initially about losing weight 3 times and putting it back on again, what I don’t add is I have put it back on every time at this time of year. Of course this year is a slight exception, as I started to put it on March when I was having some personal issues and was eating to forget to a certain extent or because I couldn’t be bothered to cook so bought ready meals and takeaways.

So I hit the time of year when I have gained weight for the previous 3 years already heavier than I would like to be, and the healthy eating isn’t the issue, it is the snacking and compulsion to just eat on top of the healthy food…

So, although I am annoyed I have gained again (1.75lbs) I really am looking for ways to get me through the next few months of over eating for no reason at all or better still until the days get longer! Suggestions? If you can email me please do so.

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