Week 14

Week 14

Current weight 13 stone 11…which is roughly 87.42kg or 193lbs

Slightly gutted at the weight gain again and yet not surprised in the slightest but am perhaps in need of advice. In the last 2 weeks all of the effort I am putting in has not been helping as I have had days when I have just had an uncontrollable urge to eat! Someone did ask me a few weeks ago what you should do when you really need to eat? Well nothing could stop me when getting home from work yesterday after a day of teaching I still went out to post a letter in town (not the nearest post box) and got a McDonalds…which I didn’t even enjoy!

I then walked to the local news agent afterwards and bought chocolate and crisps!!! So why? Nothing is stressing me in life and work and home life is no different from 2 weeks ago, so what has changed? Well I was speaking to a friend about this and we discussed could it be the clocks changing perhaps? Which sounds perhaps a bit far fetched or is it. I talked initially about losing weight 3 times and putting it back on again, what I don’t add is I have put it back on every time at this time of year. Of course this year is a slight exception, as I started to put it on March when I was having some personal issues and was eating to forget to a certain extent or because I couldn’t be bothered to cook so bought ready meals and takeaways.

So I hit the time of year when I have gained weight for the previous 3 years already heavier than I would like to be, and the healthy eating isn’t the issue, it is the snacking and compulsion to just eat on top of the healthy food…

So, although I am annoyed I have gained again (1.75lbs) I really am looking for ways to get me through the next few months of over eating for no reason at all or better still until the days get longer! Suggestions? If you can email me please do so.

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