Week 21

Week 21

Happy Christmas!

Gutted to read the scales this morning as 14 stone, the last few weeks have been hard but that is no excuse, have had a sore throat now for nearly 2 weeks (also not an excuse) but one more Christmas dinner to eat (yes tomorrow I eat another one) and then it is time to refocus myself again. Lodger has gone, no excuse to not eat healthier and 2 more weeks off work to sort things out for the month ahead.

Pre planning meals is the term I think I need to focus on!

Finally, Tesco flavoured water is a no as my heart rate it 80 as a resting heart rate by Friday. The only issue is whether it was the drink or my sore throat…we shall see but may need to try the 3 weeks again once the sore throat finally goes!

Watch this space.

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