Week 32

Week 32

Current weight 13 stone 1.25…which is roughly 83.12kg or 183.25lbs

A loss of 1.25lbs which I am happy with as I had a somewhat sedentary day yesterday. I was sat either in front of my computer at work, in the car or in a classroom. I didn’t even walk to work I drove as I needed my car. The last week as a whole has been quite interesting in that I have been very busy but also grateful for having food prepared for dinner in the evening as well as lunch. I also spent last weekend batch cooking breakfast burritos, mushroom tagliatelle, butternut squash dhal and blueberry oatmeal snack bars (I know I really must add that recipe under snacks, but this can give those who are interested a pre-look!) I find that cooking/baking over the weekend also helps me with snacking (after over 2 months now, interestingly the pull of fizzy drinks is still there and strongest at the weekend). Activities such as these at the weekend also helps me relax which is a win win!

A short blog post this week I know, but work is just very busy and I am focussing on ensuring all meals are ready to prevent me wasting money buying food at work and making unhealthy choices!

Interesting fact, my starting weight was 14 stone 5lbs, late July feels like a lifetime away now, I never really celebrated the passing of 1 stone as to be honest, I am more interested in how my clothes feel and my bank balance most of the time! But last Tuesday, a colleague commented ‘you look like you are losing weight again’ but it really wasn’t said in a positive way. Those kind of comments are really not helpful I wanted to say, and you look like you have gained weight again… Of course it is not acceptable to say it the other way in society, but what I actually did say is yes, over the past 8 months I have lost a stone in weight, a nice healthy pace and I eat now so much better than I did before then. I went on to say I am more than happy to share my blog with you, but by then they had carried on walking and was no longer listening after saying their piece. Don’t let others ever put you off with well-meaning comments!

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