Week 34

Week 34

Current weight 12 stone 13.25lbs…which is roughly 82.21 kg or 181.25 lbs

So, interestingly the last week, as the week before was very busy, bordering on stressful, even if I didn’t feel it. I ate out twice over the weekend, although, the second meal I must confess I chose something from the under 600 calories items, but it tasted so good I was happy with that. So what is the loss? Actually 1 3/4 lbs, the most I have lost in one week apart from when I had the sore throat early February. So I am really happy. In addition, of course I have now gone into the 12 stone bracket so am ecstatic as I expected to float around that for quite a while and now having just gone through am really happy.

The more I eat the more I find it is getting so much easier to make the correct choice, as I draw towards the end of march I am aware I am passing my 3 months point of motivation and where it generally starts to wane shall we say, so am very happy with how things are going. On top of all this, I am really happy, I mean really happy, when things are going on around me that should be making me not happy, I do wonder what part food plays in this. After a very busy Saturday (I drove nearly 600 miles in a day and a busy Sunday morning, when I finally got home for down time, the first thing I wanted to do was batch cook, so I made a batch of snacks, 4 portions of apple and blackberry crumble and started my breakfast burritos (before I realised I had hardly any tinfoil left so that had to stop…being organised with food seems to be impacting on everything else in my life as I do not need to consider food as I know what I am eating most days and am varying it enough to not get bored!

And finally, it’s just fuel, maybe my issues with food are starting to leave me, as it is just fuel, eaten to keep me going until the next meal.  I eat desserts, I eat cooked breakfasts, I eat out, I eat from the chip shop, and yet my choices mean I am not only still losing weight at a steady pace, I am saving money as well. If you are ready to be honest with what you eat, I strongly suggest MyFitnessPal as it really has helped me see not only that I was under eating, but also on certain days of the week I was eating a lot of carbohydrates, and so was able to address and ensure I had meals prepared on those days more protein based as that ensured had I been swimming I was repairing my muscles (although actually I am not exactly a fast swimmer!)


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