Week 36

Week 36

Current weight 12 stone 12 lbs…which is roughly 81.64 kg or 180 lbs

So, in the past week I had 2 dinners out, 1 breakfast out and 2 alcoholic drinks…and I would love to blame them for my 1/4lb loss, but am at a loss so to speak as I know what I weighed yesterday and what I ate yesterday. But this is somewhat key, because I weigh myself every day I am used to the fluctuation of how it changes on a day-to-day basis. For instance, sometimes if I go back to bed for half hour it drops a further 1/2lb and sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes if I take my nightshirt off I drop a whole lb again and sometimes I don’t. And sometimes, when you want to drop below 180lbs it just won’t let you and is making you wait another week! But a loss is a loss. After what I ate last week I am actually happy and willing to wait for next Tuesday, when I have a wedding to go to…

This week, I wish to share an app I came across last week, it is a bit rough around the edges but is called…Comparasaurus – it is free and can work for iPhones and for Android as well and takes all the leading supermarket brands and tells you the cheapest place you can buy items. What I found useful about it this week was the fact that although I thought my local wholefood shop may be slightly costly, it turns out it is the cheapest place to buy popcorn kernels.

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