Week 37

Week 37

Current weight 12 stone 10 lbs…which is roughly 80.73 kg or 178 lbs

The wedding day hath arrived! And so I decided I would write this the day before so if I could remember before leaving the house I just needed to update the weights! Otherwise I run the risk of forgetting I need to do this! Not because of drinking too much alcohol, more that I know by the end of everything I will be too tired to want to go onto the computer and actually do this…

The past 7 days have been interesting, my weight has moved up and down about 3lbs and so at this point I do not know if I will have lost weight tomorrow or not, as of this morning I had lost 1/2lb, but last Monday I was 1lb down on Tuesday so who knows. I now have a week off work and so have some time and new recipes to add all going well. In addition this morning I tried the mug omelette which was quick and easy and not too many calories.

Saturday, I went out for a meal with the family, I had what I thought would be a filling but small sandwich, I have to say it was anything but filling and as a result when the cake came out. I was not only happy to eat a slice, I also feel like I ate my weight in butter cream! We have found my downfall where even I can’t resist ha ha. So if I have lost weight it was only because well, I have lost weight and so my weight in butter cream wasn’t too much.

So, as you can see I only went and lost 2lbs! The fact I broke through the 180 lbs mark means a lot to me and makes it a good start to the day….next goal under 80 kg!

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