Week 39

Week 39

Current weight 12 stone 11 lbs…which is roughly 81.193 kg or 179 lbs

Well an interesting week in more ways than one where I have held my weight and am happy with that. I had a lovely 3 course meal out last Friday with a lovely glass of gin! But today I want to just talk about situations where you have no control and the implications of this.

Yesterday, I was at a work conference and when I walked in my heart sank as I saw there was soup, and sandwiches. For me that is not a particular good source of fuel, so I took 4 sandwiches that equates to 2 slices of bread and the mini cup of soup and then came the bread rolls…now I do not eat bread very often and swear once I start I find it hard to stop and so 4 mini bread rolls later…I say mini…I finally felt full. The issues here? Well I logged it in myfitnesspal to give me a rough guidance and it equated to about 950 calories!!! Now, for me I was disgusted as what a waste of calories as far as I am concerned, so I now feel for future meeting in that venue I will be taking my own lunch as it would be so much easier to control my appetite towards bread specifically and actually, I am not saying it is unhealthy but, it may not necessarily be what you or I actually wish to actually eat.

On a totally different matter, my resting heart rate over the past week has dropped fantastically, you may remember the rise before Christmas when I tried the cheaper fizzy drinks from Tesco, well now it is all the way down to 63! The lowest it has been since April 2017!

New recipes have been added, finally the Blueberry Oatmeal snack bars which I strongly recommend as not only are they easy to make, they taste so yummy and freeze well too! In addition I also tried a Cauliflower Pakora which I had as a lunch but make a good snack too! We won’t talk about the Goan curry I tried, other than to say, reading tbsp instead of tsp for tamarind was a mistake you never want to make!

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