Week 40

Week 40

Current weight 12 stone 9.25 lbs…which is roughly 80.4 kg or 177.25 lbs

A loss of 1.75lbs over the past week, and I am very happy with that. I am also feeling sorry for myself as I have a cold! But luckily it can’t be shared through the blog so I hope everyone else is feeling fine.

This will be a shorter blog than the last few as actually not much has occurred in the past week other than me discovering that a naan bread…when it comes in a pack of 2 (I must work out how to make these myself) are actually 2 portions to each slice of bread! Calorie counting is almost like an obsession at times I tell you, but the feature on myfitnesspal where you can scan a bar code is a really useful feature.

Finally, I found a recipe for Chocolate Chickpea Fudge…but can’t decide whether to try that or not, the last snack/dessert I made using chickpeas was not nice! Would be willing to make it if someone contacts me via here asking me to do so…(trying to work out if people can actually contact me if they want to.) Oh, and before I forget, I tried the pakoras from last week using feta cheese cubes instead of cauliflower, wow is all I can say, they were really tasty!

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