Week 41

Week 41

Current weight 12 stone 8.25 lbs…which is roughly 79.94 kg or 176.25 lbs

I can’t actually believe it is week 41 already, made me realise in 11 weeks I have actually been doing this for a whole year! Do you like how I start with that! And yes, as you can see I have broken through the barrier of the 80kgs!!! I actually was weighed at the doctor’s on Friday morning where they seemed to think I was 78kgs! Now as I was standing on the scale looking down at it I can guarantee I was so not 78kgs, interestingly though it did put me slightly under 80 which just means my scales are not the same. I trust my scales though so will stick with this record! On an even better level, back into an old pair of trousers as well…only one more item to go and then I am actually happy. It was never really about the numbers and when I look in the mirror I am very happy with what I see. I don’t really think I can afford to lose much more than 1/2 a stone now or will perhaps be too skinny, but again that is my view of how I look not the view of others.

This week I have a two things to share, firstly one of my followers sent me a picture of their cauliflower pakora!


So a shout out to Hazel for this. Her verdict was yummy! Please DM me if you make one of the items as I love to see how they turn out and if others love them as much as I do.

Secondly, linked to a while back I made a Traybake and I have to say it is the only time I made something that I really did not like and it put me off of trying chickpea for a while again in a sweet tasting snack, well until the past weekend! Yes, last Saturday I decided despite no one asking me, to try the Chocolate Chickpea Fudge and OMG how tasty is that. I had to actually freeze some of them to stop me eating the whole batch… I did, however, not take any images and so can’t add it to the list of snacks yet but for those who are willing to try here is the recipe (although apologies that you need to scroll for miles before you reach it, part of the reason I add the recipe myself on here to save you time!) The only change I made was that I used agave syrup instead of maple, but not only could you so could not taste the chickpea, it was divine!

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