Week 43

Week 43

Current weight 12 stone 7 lbs…which is roughly 79.38 kg or 175 lbs

Wow, despite a pretty sedentary day yesterday I lost 1.25 lbs! I can now utter the words 12 and a half stone and I feel good! So what changed? Well nothing really, I want to say, I had 2 cooked breakfasts and went to out to dinner, but my brain was very focussed I think over the past week on portion size, and leaving extra calories for the evening if needed.

I did nearly overdo that yesterday though, as I said I was somewhat sedentary and had scrambled egg with chorizo sausage with a wrap and hot sauce for breakfast and had garlic bread and hummus for lunch, but yes, I didn’t think about snacks and then around 5pm I really came over very hungry shall we say! I did then have a couple of snacks but first of all had a banana, but was surprised at how my blood sugar appeared to drop despite me being very inactive and I would have said I had eaten enough to sustain me, but obviously not.

I shall now of course start thinking about summer food and some new recipes to try over the coming weeks, and look forward to loosing another 2 lbs as that is then my 2 stone mark. I did say and still stand by this that I had quite happy with my size and weight now, and had you said what is your ideal weight I would have said 11 stone something but now at my age I am not too sure to be honest, I do not think I have the build to weigh that little. I look in the mirror and like what I see and do believe to a certain extent that should be what it is about. I say to a certain extent as an unhealthy weight is unhealthy regardless of how happy you are when you look in the mirror. So what do the ‘facts’ say? Well according to the NHS BMI Calculator? I am still overweight…they actually want me to lose another 9lbs…which, I do find quite interesting. Medical News, however, only wants me to lose 6lbs. So tw different websites gives different answers. I think I shall just see how my body feels over the next few month and work on new recipes!

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