Week 47

Week 47

Current weight 12 stone 12 lbs…which is roughly 81.64 kg or 180 lbs

I have to firstly apologise as I know you all wait with baited breath for my blog (yes I am laughing whilst I type this) and it is the first Tuesday I have missed in 47 weeks and I have no real excuse, there were times yesterday when I was at a computer and could have written this, I was just so annoyed when I weighed myself I guess, and tired, and stressed and etc etc etc…

So what has changed for me you ask…well nothing, work is still busy, I am still not getting enough sleep and so am not making the best choices with food and I am counting down to being on leave next week, and yet circumstances may make my leave time just as stressful.

I guess I just need to keep going with the hope that things generally do sort themselves out, we know this, and Saturday, regardless of what has happened…will arrive and I will be on leave even if I have eaten my weight in crisps and chocolate by then!

So apologies again for not only a late blog, but also a very short blog.

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