Week 48

Week 48

Current weight 12 stone 13 lbs…which is roughly 82.1 kg or 181 lbs

I started my vacation yesterday, by that I mean I am off work as I do not go away until tomorrow for a well needed break to catch up with friends and have a drink or two! June for me was the longest month of the year by a long shot and the gaining of 6lbs in the month has done nothing to improve my mood shall we say. My hayfever arrived the latest ever right in the last week…however, for the first time ever has continued into July and I took my last prescription tablet for it today as I didn’t think I would need them. At the moment I am feeling sorry for myself, perhaps not the time to write the blog hahaha.

So, below should be a breakdown of food spending for the month…this does not show the half of it but it does not scream healthy body healthy bank at all and next May I am going to prepare for June! Perhaps I need to take some leave during that time…unfortunately, a burst blister and other things meant the receipts are going to have to wait for another blog, sorry. I did, however, spend £359 roughly to give you an idea how bad the month was.

I have done some lovely cooking this week making a chickpea curry and dhal over the weekend, but will wait a few weeks to share those as they were being trialled before I took photos. I will aim to post next Tuesday also, but it may not happen purely as I do not return until around midnight on Tuesday, but if my friends have scales I shall weigh myself so the correct weight will be tracked, apart from drink I am hopeful temptations are removed…trying not to think about their online shop which they run from the house that has lots of yummy American snacks!




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