Week 51

Week 51

Current weight 13 stone 2.5 lbs…which is roughly 83.69 kg or 184.5 lbs

Wow, I have not weighed this much since March Week 31, what is going on you ask? No clue really my eating is not going well and being too hot is really not making me wish to eat less, if anything I am eating more! 2lbs added since last week but the week before I weighed 13 stone 3 so I do not feel all is lost. Next week will be interesting as on the 31st July I actually have surgery and will pretty much be stuck on my couch for a couple of weeks. Positive, I can’t buy myself rubbish food to eat, negative…weight loss is all about calories in versus calories out and I will be burning very few calories laying on my sofa! Will have to pre-make some healthy meals I am thinking.

So, does the weight gain make a difference? Actually yes, I feel bigger, my clothes feel a little tighter and I feel like every lb has put itself on my stomach, especially on a hot day when I am wearing a vest top which unlike a t-shirt does not hide my stomach. We shall just have to see, next week makes a whole year since I started this and I am lighter now than I was a year ago…so that is a positive. I also apart from recently have a much better relationship with food. I have developed a love of chickpeas and lentils, and olives which is something I really did not expect, and over the next 12 months aim to find even more exciting healthy foods to eat!

Of course, the surgery is going to make me most inactive, I have been swimming and cycling over the last year because I was unable to run, and that has allowed me at times to eat more calories that I should have and still lose weight. I have a target of December to be able to start to run again and so really need to watch my diet over the next few months! Maybe it is time to return to my tracker…


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