Week 1 Sept 2019

Week 1 Sept 2019

Hello, it’s me!

I am well aware 5 weeks have passed, and almost disappointed with myself as I did actually weigh myself for week 52, having made it a complete year…and yet I just didn’t record it then had surgery!

So I start the process again, weighing less than I did a year ago, although not as less than I was a couple of months ago sadly, but things happen, and we just need to start again. I here I am.

No starting weight at this point across the top, am 13 stone 8.75 as of this morning, I do feel a little annoyed but having spent 5 weeks literally doing nothing and yet still eating 3 times a day I am not surprised, by nothing I should add I mean sitting on a sofa doing nothing, surgery sucks!

So, tomorrow I go back to work and so should be moving more, not totally of course as at least another week before I can go back to normal shoes (fingers crossed!). But I won’t be sat on the sofa all day trying to find something on day time TV that is vaguely interesting.

For those who are interesting as I had a distal metatarsal osteotomy, for this extra interested, you can watch a video of it (not me personally I should add) here. I like watching surgeries, and this one wasn’t too bad actually, not the for squeamish though.

In preparation for the starting over, I have already written my menu for the week ahead. I chose today not only because it was the 1st of the month but actually, because it was a Sunday and I hated weighing myself on a Tuesday, a Sunday will be so much better trust me!

So, follow my new journey where we remember January – March I am at my strongest for will power, and come June I need to really watch what I am eating and be prepared for it from about the middle of May before it is too late. I also need to ensure I am eating enough so have to have a snack mid-morning, and ideally drink plenty of water.

I will be building on my recipes, especially as I currently have lots I have seen that I can wait to try! So share the link and get your friends following!

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