I am the frustrated currently 40 something who has over the past 3 years lost weight 3 times and put it back on again.

I am a single mum to a flown the nest 20 year old and I love food.

I haven’t always been overweight, and am actually a keen runner (although more of a jog and chat when the time permits than a let’s do that 10k kind of runner!)

I do have a 12 weekly injection called Depo Prevera which apparently does not make you put on weight just increases your appetite.

And I have tried a couple of diets which whilst on them have been successful, the most recent being the Cambridge diet. The issue for me being the moment I stop following this diet I just put the weight back on.

I have many friends in the same situation, so decided to not look for a quick fix, but the best lifestyle changes which enable me to still eat the food I love, whilst also keeping an eye on how much money I spend.

This blog will track my attempts to lose weight and save money and although I am tailoring it to people of my age, it should be useful for anyone stuck in the yoyo diet cycle or who simple want to lose weight and keep it off!

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