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Week 43

Current weight 12 stone 7 lbs…which is roughly 79.38 kg or 175 lbs

Wow, despite a pretty sedentary day yesterday I lost 1.25 lbs! I can now utter the words 12 and a half stone and I feel good! So what changed? Well nothing really, I want to say, I had 2 cooked breakfasts and went to out to dinner, but my brain was very focussed I think over the past week on portion size, and leaving extra calories for the evening if needed.

I did nearly overdo that yesterday though, as I said I was somewhat sedentary and had scrambled egg with chorizo sausage with a wrap and hot sauce for breakfast and had garlic bread and hummus for lunch, but yes, I didn’t think about snacks and then around 5pm I really came over very hungry shall we say! I did then have a couple of snacks but first of all had a banana, but was surprised at how my blood sugar appeared to drop despite me being very inactive and I would have said I had eaten enough to sustain me, but obviously not.

I shall now of course start thinking about summer food and some new recipes to try over the coming weeks, and look forward to loosing another 2 lbs as that is then my 2 stone mark. I did say and still stand by this that I had quite happy with my size and weight now, and had you said what is your ideal weight I would have said 11 stone something but now at my age I am not too sure to be honest, I do not think I have the build to weigh that little. I look in the mirror and like what I see and do believe to a certain extent that should be what it is about. I say to a certain extent as an unhealthy weight is unhealthy regardless of how happy you are when you look in the mirror. So what do the ‘facts’ say? Well according to the NHS BMI Calculator? I am still overweight…they actually want me to lose another 9lbs…which, I do find quite interesting. Medical News, however, only wants me to lose 6lbs. So tw different websites gives different answers. I think I shall just see how my body feels over the next few month and work on new recipes!

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Week 39

Current weight 12 stone 11 lbs…which is roughly 81.193 kg or 179 lbs

Well an interesting week in more ways than one where I have held my weight and am happy with that. I had a lovely 3 course meal out last Friday with a lovely glass of gin! But today I want to just talk about situations where you have no control and the implications of this.

Yesterday, I was at a work conference and when I walked in my heart sank as I saw there was soup, and sandwiches. For me that is not a particular good source of fuel, so I took 4 sandwiches that equates to 2 slices of bread and the mini cup of soup and then came the bread rolls…now I do not eat bread very often and swear once I start I find it hard to stop and so 4 mini bread rolls later…I say mini…I finally felt full. The issues here? Well I logged it in myfitnesspal to give me a rough guidance and it equated to about 950 calories!!! Now, for me I was disgusted as what a waste of calories as far as I am concerned, so I now feel for future meeting in that venue I will be taking my own lunch as it would be so much easier to control my appetite towards bread specifically and actually, I am not saying it is unhealthy but, it may not necessarily be what you or I actually wish to actually eat.

On a totally different matter, my resting heart rate over the past week has dropped fantastically, you may remember the rise before Christmas when I tried the cheaper fizzy drinks from Tesco, well now it is all the way down to 63! The lowest it has been since April 2017!

New recipes have been added, finally the Blueberry Oatmeal snack bars which I strongly recommend as not only are they easy to make, they taste so yummy and freeze well too! In addition I also tried a Cauliflower Pakora which I had as a lunch but make a good snack too! We won’t talk about the Goan curry I tried, other than to say, reading tbsp instead of tsp for tamarind was a mistake you never want to make!

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Week 38

Current weight 12 stone 11 lbs…which is roughly 81.193 kg or 179 lbs

This is quite a long blog, a week off works wonders for clarity of thought, and…well I started writing this a few days earlier as I was thinking about difference things!

There is no hiding from the weight gain this week, (although I am impressed it is only 1lb knowing what my weight was over the week) but having had a quite relaxing week (including the wedding of Mini Me) and taken some me time for the first time in a while it is/was time to take stock of what I had done with not only this blog, but also my life since last August. I did start out at 14 stone 5 in case you had forgotten and regardless of today as of last week had lost 23lbs through merely changing what I ate, note not dieting. I also started out getting paid every month when I had about £10 left in my account, the past few months I have had over £500 in my account when I got paid. This shows how much money I am saving through changing my eating habits. Through using ynab that £500 is not savings it is money pre budgeted, so for instance come August I can pay my car insurance in one hit due to already having the money there. I do recommend you give it a go, it comes with a 30 day trial and is well worth the £45 a year I now spend on it. If you decide to trial it just click HERE. Yes, I do get a free month if you sign up, but to be honest this does not work for everyone and it took me over 6 months to be able to use this effectively (I am in my 3rd year now).

So, a very interesting week when I learnt a lot about myself and my eating habits. I have discovered I eat better when my day is structured. The impact of this can quite easily result in me under eating as it is quite unusual (but not impossible) for me to actually feel hungry. Tracking of my calories was introduced back in January to ensure I ate enough food, but some friends seem to think I was tracking my calories to ensure I didn’t eat too much! That was an eye opener! Under eating over a couple of days can result in a 2lb weight gain, that didn’t totally surprise me but I know it has impacted on this week

We are now well and truly in the time where my will power is no longer on overdrive like it is for the first 3 months of the year, biggest noticeable change, fizzy drinks! Not on the scale of before I should add, but they have creeped back in on a couple of days and so I need to keep an eye on that as it is just wasted money, and I do not wish to after all that hard work waste money on a fizzy drink. But it does make me wonder how long New Years resolutions actually last, and how many people get to April still being able to follow their resolution. This was part of the reason I should add I started my blog in August.

Finally, I know you will all be excited I have added a new snack and lunch. The past few months have been manic and although I have worked hard to switch off from work, doing the blog equally was a struggle as when I switched off I wanted to do nothing at all, so hopefully I can now get back on top of the recipes again. So the new recipes this week was GF Chocolate Oat Muffins and Spicy Red Lentil Curry, the latter of which was so damn nice I could have eaten it all in one go!

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Week 36

Current weight 12 stone 12 lbs…which is roughly 81.64 kg or 180 lbs

So, in the past week I had 2 dinners out, 1 breakfast out and 2 alcoholic drinks…and I would love to blame them for my 1/4lb loss, but am at a loss so to speak as I know what I weighed yesterday and what I ate yesterday. But this is somewhat key, because I weigh myself every day I am used to the fluctuation of how it changes on a day-to-day basis. For instance, sometimes if I go back to bed for half hour it drops a further 1/2lb and sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes if I take my nightshirt off I drop a whole lb again and sometimes I don’t. And sometimes, when you want to drop below 180lbs it just won’t let you and is making you wait another week! But a loss is a loss. After what I ate last week I am actually happy and willing to wait for next Tuesday, when I have a wedding to go to…

This week, I wish to share an app I came across last week, it is a bit rough around the edges but is called…Comparasaurus – it is free and can work for iPhones and for Android as well and takes all the leading supermarket brands and tells you the cheapest place you can buy items. What I found useful about it this week was the fact that although I thought my local wholefood shop may be slightly costly, it turns out it is the cheapest place to buy popcorn kernels.

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Week 34

Current weight 12 stone 13.25lbs…which is roughly 82.21 kg or 181.25 lbs

So, interestingly the last week, as the week before was very busy, bordering on stressful, even if I didn’t feel it. I ate out twice over the weekend, although, the second meal I must confess I chose something from the under 600 calories items, but it tasted so good I was happy with that. So what is the loss? Actually 1 3/4 lbs, the most I have lost in one week apart from when I had the sore throat early February. So I am really happy. In addition, of course I have now gone into the 12 stone bracket so am ecstatic as I expected to float around that for quite a while and now having just gone through am really happy.

The more I eat the more I find it is getting so much easier to make the correct choice, as I draw towards the end of march I am aware I am passing my 3 months point of motivation and where it generally starts to wane shall we say, so am very happy with how things are going. On top of all this, I am really happy, I mean really happy, when things are going on around me that should be making me not happy, I do wonder what part food plays in this. After a very busy Saturday (I drove nearly 600 miles in a day and a busy Sunday morning, when I finally got home for down time, the first thing I wanted to do was batch cook, so I made a batch of snacks, 4 portions of apple and blackberry crumble and started my breakfast burritos (before I realised I had hardly any tinfoil left so that had to stop…being organised with food seems to be impacting on everything else in my life as I do not need to consider food as I know what I am eating most days and am varying it enough to not get bored!

And finally, it’s just fuel, maybe my issues with food are starting to leave me, as it is just fuel, eaten to keep me going until the next meal.  I eat desserts, I eat cooked breakfasts, I eat out, I eat from the chip shop, and yet my choices mean I am not only still losing weight at a steady pace, I am saving money as well. If you are ready to be honest with what you eat, I strongly suggest MyFitnessPal as it really has helped me see not only that I was under eating, but also on certain days of the week I was eating a lot of carbohydrates, and so was able to address and ensure I had meals prepared on those days more protein based as that ensured had I been swimming I was repairing my muscles (although actually I am not exactly a fast swimmer!)


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Week 33

Current weight 13 stone 1…which is roughly 83 kg or 183 lbs

Wow, 1/4 lb I must confess when I weighed myself yesterday I did not think I was going to lose weight today. The past week has been incredibly busy, I have stayed on track with ensuring I had food prepped in advance I should add. But on Friday to reward myself (the suggestion was a Chinese but actually I do not believe anymore that food should be seen as a treat!) I had after 2 months and 15 days my first fizzy drink (zero calorie). I have to say what I was hoping for was my mouth to say ‘yuk’, the reality is it tasted just as nice as I remember it tasting. But I have proven to myself that having one, did not immediately result in me returning to drinking it every day.

I do sincerely believe that moving over the boundary between weights is psychologically harder than it actually is, getting below 14 stone felt like a challenge and now getting below 13 stone is proving to be the same, but I have confidence I will do it if I keep to my own rules that food is fuel, it is there to enable you to live and function and is not a treat that you earn through hard work. You can eat whatever you want when you want, but if you eat more calories than you burn you won’t lose weight and may end up putting it on, that is a fact.

In case you are wondering why the incredibly busy week is an excuse? Actually my main reason for not thinking I would lose weight is I went out for dinner last night. I do this once a month (although didn’t last month) and we didn’t eat until 8pm, when I normally eat around 6pm or if it is later it is not a large meal! Last night I had a yummy risotto from Prezzo which they allege is only 471 calories, I am not so convinced but know it had the least calories on the whole menu, and even if it didn’t, I really love risotto so would have still had it, just not so late.

The challenge in the week ahead? Well things have shown no sign of slowing down at the moment, and this Saturday I am driving to Derby and back in one day via Birmingham and so meals will be dictated sadly, although breakfast not so much. Then next Sunday I am taking my father and niece out for our birthdays (yes I know they were all last month but it was the first date we were all free). So, am hopefully going to break the 13 stone mark, but actually….even more hopeful to get into my smaller work trousers as the larger ones are hanging off me!!! And yes, I know I still need to add the blueberry oatcakes recipe! Having frozen them and now eating the frozen ones…still as good I need to say.

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Week 31

Current weight 13 stone 2.5…which is roughly 83.69kg or 184.5lbs

So a lovely surprise this morning to wake up to a 2lbs loss! I am quite happy with the slow way I have been losing weight over the past 7 months, yes it took 6 months to lose a stone but I do believe that is the healthy way, and I already feel great for it, and if I lose another stone over the next 6 months I will be even happier.

Things to consider, as I mentioned the first 3 months of the year I am very motivated, which is good at the moment, but life can throw spanners at you, I had a sort of promotion last week and a few ‘issues’ shall we call them in my personal life which landed on my door (metaphorically speaking) on Sunday. For me it is how I deal with this whilst continuing to stay on top of what I eat and my healthy choice. The next month or so is going to be interesting shall we say!

So, money spent in February I did actually get it down to £140.40 (according to YNAB). Which for the first time was under budget! I have continued I should add to avoid fizzy drinks, crisps and chocolate, well buying chocolate that is! I am taking a snack, popcorn and a banana every day with me as well as lunch and have continued to just be very motivated. 

So, money spent on actual food for breakfast, lunch dinner and snacks:£98.38

Waitrose £36.21 Tesco £51.26  Canterbury Wholefood £3.96 Thais R Us £6.95 

I have switched to shopping more in Tesco, but some things I am still buying in Waitrose, and no news agents spending at all. Some of what I bought was spices to be used over a long period of time and came from Waitrose as they cost no more than Tesco to get them. Despite this, there is a reduction in this section since November when it was £116.20, I spent £17.82 less for food shopping!!!

However, as it was my birthday this month, money spent on meals out, some of which was budgeted for elsewhere: £112.64

Ossie’s Fish bar £24.20 (I buy mini me and partner dinner with me every Thursday, so actually less than a 1/3 of that is mine so £8 at most)

Beano Cafe £19.60 (I take mini me to breakfast on a Sunday)

Bill’s £31.19 (I treated mini me to breakfast here as I saw I had money left in my budget and they were quite low and it was a way to get them out.)

Ask Italian £11.50 (student meal, I had forgotten they were here and it was the eve of my birthday.)

Korean £15 (My niece took me out for my birthday but I couldn’t let her pay the whole amount.)

Poundland £2 (chocolate for a homeless guy.)

Old Gate Inn £5.25 (hot drinks for mini me and I.)

University £3.90 (forget breakfast and forgot 2nd lunch on a Wednesday when I cycle and need more carbs.)

So total spend:£211.02 (£195 wish if you take off the chips). However, if you take off the meals out which were budgeted elsewhere along with the Old Gate Inn I actually spent £98.38 on food! So I am very happy with this. As I may have mentioned before February was my birthday month and so I had some meals out some of which I paid part for and some of which I did not pay for at all.

So, what is my secret you ask, how did I get down from £288.74 to £211.02 (and let’s be honest it would have been less had I not eaten out so much!) My secret, not a secret at all but batch cooking and meal planning. That is it.

Oh and ensuring I take breakfast (I am a get up and go rather than an eat at home and go kinda person, this doesn’t make me lose more weight!) and lunch into work every day, know what I am having for dinner that morning (so I remember to take it out the freezer if needed) and only buying stuff when I need it! I am also building up a range of meals so I do not get bored, but still have garlic bread once or twice a week when running short on time.

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Week 29

Current weight 13 stone 5…which is roughly 84.82kg or 187lbs

A 3/4lb gain, but after a birthday weekend which included eating 2 breakfasts out, two evening meals out and receiving 2 birthday cakes (one of which came with extra thick double cream courtesy of mini me!) I think I will take a 3/4lb gain.

I have just made another large bulk recipe of veggie chilli for future consumption and have made another batch of breakfast burritos, check them out if you haven’t tried them before. I have had a few new meals as well, but have just struggled to find the time to add them, hence today being a day when I am spending the morning working on the site. You may notice it looks a tad different, it will continue to change over the next week or so until I am happy I should add. I am looking also at how it looks on phones and tablets as well as on a normal computer screen. If I am searching for a recipe I tend to use my phone but spend more time on here on a computer itself and sometimes forget to check how it looks on other devices.

I do have to say I have become very organised at the moment planning not only my evening meals in advance but also my breakfast and lunch and snacks. I also have to say as we only have 9 days left in the month, for the first time in forever I may actually come in under £200 how cool is that! I have all of the receipts for February and am keeping them to report on at the end of the month. I also think I may start a page of healthy and cheap choices to choose from the restaurant menu!

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Week 28

Current weight 13 stone 4.25…which is roughly 84.48kg or 186.25lbs

Yes you are reading correctly, I have lost 2 lbs over the past week! And I am quite impressed with that but this past week I have made some interesting discoveries. After just over a week on MyFitnessPal, it transpires that yes, I was actually under eating, considerably. Some days I was only eating around 900 calories. Now you could say that I should have lost weight but actually, I do a cycle class once a week (mega high intensity) and I swim (which I hate but no choice) a couple of times a week too, so if you include the exercise, my poor body was being starved of food and holding on to it for dear life I think! Yes that really does happen. There were a lot of links to read about this, but I found this one ‘click here‘ the easiest read. But using MyFitnessPal also enabled me to realise I had stopped eating snacks twice a day as well (despite having them in the freezer pre-made) I had just been eating 3 small meals a day.

So, I added back my popcorn and my mid morning snack and I lose 2lbs! In addition to this, I also realised my portion sizes were a lot small than before I started on this journey. This is not a bad thing I should add, actually on Saturday I went out to eat with my niece to Korean Cowgirl, not sure totally about the calories but put it as 900 as some of it was fried and some was ribs covered in sauce! The interesting fact for me was though we shared 3 portions of different things and I actually knew when I was full, and in the past I could have eaten it all on my own, in fact back in January I ate more than I should have on a meal out, on this occasion I just thought, I have had enough, not bloated full, just enough.

The next 7 days could be interesting though, still no fizzy drinks or chocolate or crisps…but, I may be out for a meal Friday night, it is my birthday at the weekend, and I am out for a meal next Monday night!!! Who has a meal the night before a weigh-in, I didn’t think that through…



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Week 24

Current weight 13 stone 12…which is roughly 87.99kg or 194lbs

Well have had a really interesting week where in the last 7 days I only spent money food shopping and have spent no money at works at all! Not sure why it is that I am still holding at the same weight though…

In addition I tried 3 more breakfast recipes made in advance and frozen, they can be found here, here and here. Now you have to click to see what they are. Very healthy and using a number of items from the store cupboard, yes that really does exist.

I am also now on 15 days without fizzy drinks, yes that does say 15 days and I am surprised how much I am not yet missing them. I have replaced them at home with lime cordial, just need to watch that and find the cheapest and lowest calorie as the one I am drink really isn’t lowest in either of those categories!

I also ate out last Friday, I planned ahead of the meal what I was going to choose and chose a low calorie dish, unfortunately because it worked out cheaper I had a starter with it, hummus and pitta bread. Be wary here though, I was going for the cheapest option, but at the end of the meal I had clearly eaten too much food and that was because after my starter was about the size of my normal evening meal. Be aware of looking at low calorie meals as part of a deal when you end up eating more than you normally would, massive fail there by me. 

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