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Weeks 49 and 50

A slightly different blog to normal but it literally was now or next week so I went for now!

The past 2 weeks have been interesting and no, there was no scale in Ireland so I did weigh myself last Wednesday but the day just flashed by!

So…last Wednesday I weighed in at 13 stone 3. Yes you have read that correctly, 6 days away eating healthily but only once or twice a day and drinking copious amounts of coffee, not good for dieting but it was a holiday. This morning, 5 meals out 4 of which were 3 courses and I weighed in at 13 stone and a half. 3 meals a day and not copious amounts of coffee.

So, I am happy now, I am back to work tomorrow for 7 days then another 2 weeks off from August 1st and on the anniversary of the blog I intend to start a new approach which I will discuss next week. My eating over the past year has been interesting but for me despite putting weight on recently I actually weigh less than I did this time last year so I am very happy as I have changed my approach to eating. 

Looking forward to the next 12 months (yes I am aware there is another 2 weeks yet!) I am also looking forward to having my surgery soon so I can start running again, although I doubt that will be before Christmas…

Until next week (51 wow how did that happen??) Apologies for any typos as am on my iPhone doing this…

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Week 48

Current weight 12 stone 13 lbs…which is roughly 82.1 kg or 181 lbs

I started my vacation yesterday, by that I mean I am off work as I do not go away until tomorrow for a well needed break to catch up with friends and have a drink or two! June for me was the longest month of the year by a long shot and the gaining of 6lbs in the month has done nothing to improve my mood shall we say. My hayfever arrived the latest ever right in the last week…however, for the first time ever has continued into July and I took my last prescription tablet for it today as I didn’t think I would need them. At the moment I am feeling sorry for myself, perhaps not the time to write the blog hahaha.

So, below should be a breakdown of food spending for the month…this does not show the half of it but it does not scream healthy body healthy bank at all and next May I am going to prepare for June! Perhaps I need to take some leave during that time…unfortunately, a burst blister and other things meant the receipts are going to have to wait for another blog, sorry. I did, however, spend £359 roughly to give you an idea how bad the month was.

I have done some lovely cooking this week making a chickpea curry and dhal over the weekend, but will wait a few weeks to share those as they were being trialled before I took photos. I will aim to post next Tuesday also, but it may not happen purely as I do not return until around midnight on Tuesday, but if my friends have scales I shall weigh myself so the correct weight will be tracked, apart from drink I am hopeful temptations are removed…trying not to think about their online shop which they run from the house that has lots of yummy American snacks!




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Week 38

Current weight 12 stone 11 lbs…which is roughly 81.193 kg or 179 lbs

This is quite a long blog, a week off works wonders for clarity of thought, and…well I started writing this a few days earlier as I was thinking about difference things!

There is no hiding from the weight gain this week, (although I am impressed it is only 1lb knowing what my weight was over the week) but having had a quite relaxing week (including the wedding of Mini Me) and taken some me time for the first time in a while it is/was time to take stock of what I had done with not only this blog, but also my life since last August. I did start out at 14 stone 5 in case you had forgotten and regardless of today as of last week had lost 23lbs through merely changing what I ate, note not dieting. I also started out getting paid every month when I had about £10 left in my account, the past few months I have had over £500 in my account when I got paid. This shows how much money I am saving through changing my eating habits. Through using ynab that £500 is not savings it is money pre budgeted, so for instance come August I can pay my car insurance in one hit due to already having the money there. I do recommend you give it a go, it comes with a 30 day trial and is well worth the £45 a year I now spend on it. If you decide to trial it just click HERE. Yes, I do get a free month if you sign up, but to be honest this does not work for everyone and it took me over 6 months to be able to use this effectively (I am in my 3rd year now).

So, a very interesting week when I learnt a lot about myself and my eating habits. I have discovered I eat better when my day is structured. The impact of this can quite easily result in me under eating as it is quite unusual (but not impossible) for me to actually feel hungry. Tracking of my calories was introduced back in January to ensure I ate enough food, but some friends seem to think I was tracking my calories to ensure I didn’t eat too much! That was an eye opener! Under eating over a couple of days can result in a 2lb weight gain, that didn’t totally surprise me but I know it has impacted on this week

We are now well and truly in the time where my will power is no longer on overdrive like it is for the first 3 months of the year, biggest noticeable change, fizzy drinks! Not on the scale of before I should add, but they have creeped back in on a couple of days and so I need to keep an eye on that as it is just wasted money, and I do not wish to after all that hard work waste money on a fizzy drink. But it does make me wonder how long New Years resolutions actually last, and how many people get to April still being able to follow their resolution. This was part of the reason I should add I started my blog in August.

Finally, I know you will all be excited I have added a new snack and lunch. The past few months have been manic and although I have worked hard to switch off from work, doing the blog equally was a struggle as when I switched off I wanted to do nothing at all, so hopefully I can now get back on top of the recipes again. So the new recipes this week was GF Chocolate Oat Muffins and Spicy Red Lentil Curry, the latter of which was so damn nice I could have eaten it all in one go!

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Week 22

Current weight 13 stone 12…which is roughly 87.99kg or 194lbs

Wow, from Christmas Day until News Years Day I actually lost 2lbs! My secret? Actually on this occasion pure will power!

So, can you believe I have been doing this for 22 weeks??? I can’t believe it has been that long, but I intend now to start this year as I intend to go on, time to crack this diet thing, and no excuses now as work is quieter (if there is such a thing) my lodger has gone (although I do miss them!) and finally after 18 days my sore throat has finally gone.

So, last week I added another lunch to the recipes, this time I dabbled with a vegan dish (although when you read it you will realise I did actually include meat in the first version). You can go directly to it by clicking on Mushroom Pasta if you like mushrooms you will not be disappointed and this one was not only a £1 to make it took 10 minutes!

I have also trialled, but took no pictures a breakfast burrito recipe I came across, low in calories, apparently freezes well (will let you know how that goes when I defrost the first one) and reasonably cheap to make! Perfect for those mornings when you want something filling but have not got the time to make it. Watch this space.

Finally, mini me has asked for some help with menu planning and budgeting and so I created this shopping list – menu planner from one I had used myself before that works providing you use it! Mine was laminated and so this can be printed and laminated or just create your own version to use with this to get you going. It can be downloaded Shopping-List.

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Week 21

Happy Christmas!

Gutted to read the scales this morning as 14 stone, the last few weeks have been hard but that is no excuse, have had a sore throat now for nearly 2 weeks (also not an excuse) but one more Christmas dinner to eat (yes tomorrow I eat another one) and then it is time to refocus myself again. Lodger has gone, no excuse to not eat healthier and 2 more weeks off work to sort things out for the month ahead.

Pre planning meals is the term I think I need to focus on!

Finally, Tesco flavoured water is a no as my heart rate it 80 as a resting heart rate by Friday. The only issue is whether it was the drink or my sore throat…we shall see but may need to try the 3 weeks again once the sore throat finally goes!

Watch this space.

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Week 20

Current weight 13 stone 12…which is roughly 87.99kg or 194lbs

I can’t lie, although I have put on another pound, after having had a fairly relaxing week and a weekend on the sofa feeling sorry for myself fighting off a sore throat (it hasn’t won yet but I am still fighting it!) I am not really surprised. And before next Tuesday’s weigh in (OMG that is Christmas Day!!!) I am actually eating out 3 more times…

Last week I actually ate out two days in a row, the first meal I just had a main course and the 2nd meal I just had a starter. I think in some respect that is the better choice. Tonight I looked at the menu and decided straight away I would miss dessert and so going for the prawn and avocado starter, only the sauce to worry about and then a turkey roast, where I intend to eat all the vegetables first so if I am full it is before I tackle the roast potatoes! I can’t remember the last time I ate a meal that large anyway so I could be full just on the starter! Tip to myself and other? Drink plenty of water, the more I can drink the less I will eat.

Building on last weeks link I shared, I have couple of other ones I have just not had time to share with you, but just things I found interesting.

Why we gain weight in winter – I am not saying I agree with this I should add, I just found it interesting!

I was on a diet for 18 years – This did make me wonder about diets and the journey I am trying to go on and how there is no easy solution here.

And finally….for those who like a stew, 18 stew recipes for weight loss – am aiming to try some of these in the New Year, as I love a stew…

And yes, I will post next Tuesday on Christmas Day but am thinking most of you will see it and so now I wish you a very Happy Christmas!

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