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Week 42

Current weight 12 stone 8.25 lbs…which is roughly 79.94 kg or 176.25 lbs

Now I can’t lie, I am very happy to have maintained my weight this morning. Last Friday when I weighed myself I had gained 3 lbs since Tuesday morning and I was not happy, but also was aware why I had made the gain over a short period of time.

I can’t lie, this past week has been really tough and I don’t totally know why, wanting to eat food I wouldn’t normally eat was part of the issue and craving fizzy drinks really didn’t help. Work has not changed, however, some of my meal choices have. I was still eating within my calories but actually a couple of burgers with brioche buns and chips made at home, all calorie counted (well roughly) didn’t keep me full, or I should say leave me with the feeling of being full. I am going to spend a few weeks not eating red meats and staying away from actual bread. I say actual bread as I eat wraps and don’t view them as bread and they are something I eat all the time! But this sudden need to eat just literal came from nowhere, in the evening I am sat arguing with myself and wanting to snack, luckily there are no snacks in my house I can just eat, only healthy choices but it isn’t as straight forward as that as I want all the things that not only are high in sugar but also waste money.

Since last Friday I needed to use an immense amount of will power to not eat sugary food, but that is not how I wish to live my life, I want to be able to eat anything I want but stay within moderation for unhealthy food and expensive food. I like to go out for a meal now and again and it is easy to make the healthy choices as I enjoy eating them but this strong urge to overeat has just crept up on me from nowhere and wonder what others do or do people just give in? I should add I am very aware of the 80/20 rule which is why I actually go out for meals, and also I drink hot chocolate most days and let’s not forget Tuesday evenings I currently have chips from the chippie every week, so I am not craving treats as I have treats, but at the moment I want them all the time.

Finally, I was reading an interesting article the other day about how the healthy way to lose weight is to lose between 1/2 and 1 lb only a week and so I think although I have lost more some weeks I am following that rule which is good, but in addition it was interesting that it also suggested that once you plateaux that is stop losing weight, to take a break of 6 months before returning back to weight loss. This was to do with your body wanting to keep what it was currently getting it and allowing it to do that. Whilst I type this I have spent half and hour trying to find the article I should add to no avail sorry!


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Week 39

Current weight 12 stone 11 lbs…which is roughly 81.193 kg or 179 lbs

Well an interesting week in more ways than one where I have held my weight and am happy with that. I had a lovely 3 course meal out last Friday with a lovely glass of gin! But today I want to just talk about situations where you have no control and the implications of this.

Yesterday, I was at a work conference and when I walked in my heart sank as I saw there was soup, and sandwiches. For me that is not a particular good source of fuel, so I took 4 sandwiches that equates to 2 slices of bread and the mini cup of soup and then came the bread rolls…now I do not eat bread very often and swear once I start I find it hard to stop and so 4 mini bread rolls later…I say mini…I finally felt full. The issues here? Well I logged it in myfitnesspal to give me a rough guidance and it equated to about 950 calories!!! Now, for me I was disgusted as what a waste of calories as far as I am concerned, so I now feel for future meeting in that venue I will be taking my own lunch as it would be so much easier to control my appetite towards bread specifically and actually, I am not saying it is unhealthy but, it may not necessarily be what you or I actually wish to actually eat.

On a totally different matter, my resting heart rate over the past week has dropped fantastically, you may remember the rise before Christmas when I tried the cheaper fizzy drinks from Tesco, well now it is all the way down to 63! The lowest it has been since April 2017!

New recipes have been added, finally the Blueberry Oatmeal snack bars which I strongly recommend as not only are they easy to make, they taste so yummy and freeze well too! In addition I also tried a Cauliflower Pakora which I had as a lunch but make a good snack too! We won’t talk about the Goan curry I tried, other than to say, reading tbsp instead of tsp for tamarind was a mistake you never want to make!

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Week 38

Current weight 12 stone 11 lbs…which is roughly 81.193 kg or 179 lbs

This is quite a long blog, a week off works wonders for clarity of thought, and…well I started writing this a few days earlier as I was thinking about difference things!

There is no hiding from the weight gain this week, (although I am impressed it is only 1lb knowing what my weight was over the week) but having had a quite relaxing week (including the wedding of Mini Me) and taken some me time for the first time in a while it is/was time to take stock of what I had done with not only this blog, but also my life since last August. I did start out at 14 stone 5 in case you had forgotten and regardless of today as of last week had lost 23lbs through merely changing what I ate, note not dieting. I also started out getting paid every month when I had about £10 left in my account, the past few months I have had over £500 in my account when I got paid. This shows how much money I am saving through changing my eating habits. Through using ynab that £500 is not savings it is money pre budgeted, so for instance come August I can pay my car insurance in one hit due to already having the money there. I do recommend you give it a go, it comes with a 30 day trial and is well worth the £45 a year I now spend on it. If you decide to trial it just click HERE. Yes, I do get a free month if you sign up, but to be honest this does not work for everyone and it took me over 6 months to be able to use this effectively (I am in my 3rd year now).

So, a very interesting week when I learnt a lot about myself and my eating habits. I have discovered I eat better when my day is structured. The impact of this can quite easily result in me under eating as it is quite unusual (but not impossible) for me to actually feel hungry. Tracking of my calories was introduced back in January to ensure I ate enough food, but some friends seem to think I was tracking my calories to ensure I didn’t eat too much! That was an eye opener! Under eating over a couple of days can result in a 2lb weight gain, that didn’t totally surprise me but I know it has impacted on this week

We are now well and truly in the time where my will power is no longer on overdrive like it is for the first 3 months of the year, biggest noticeable change, fizzy drinks! Not on the scale of before I should add, but they have creeped back in on a couple of days and so I need to keep an eye on that as it is just wasted money, and I do not wish to after all that hard work waste money on a fizzy drink. But it does make me wonder how long New Years resolutions actually last, and how many people get to April still being able to follow their resolution. This was part of the reason I should add I started my blog in August.

Finally, I know you will all be excited I have added a new snack and lunch. The past few months have been manic and although I have worked hard to switch off from work, doing the blog equally was a struggle as when I switched off I wanted to do nothing at all, so hopefully I can now get back on top of the recipes again. So the new recipes this week was GF Chocolate Oat Muffins and Spicy Red Lentil Curry, the latter of which was so damn nice I could have eaten it all in one go!

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Week 27

Current weight 13 stone 6.25…which is roughly 85.39kg or 188.25lbs

So, I gained a 3/4lb but considering what I lost when ill, I am quite happy that I have only gained a 3/4lb. That being said, I was interested in why earlier this month despite no snacks or treats I wasn’t losing weight. I decided to track my calories on MyFitnessPal.

Today is a prime example of perhaps the problem. I have not been calorie counting on the diet per se, just changed the portion size and eating cheaper better meals. Today I had breakfast, lunch and dinner, and a banana mid morning. I would normally swim on a Tuesday (not one of life’s swimmers I should add so do not think I am a cardio junkie doing this!) and have my evening meal when I get home. When I tracked my calories I came in at just over 1000 calories, not good and if I have been eating like that for weeks no wonder I wasn’t losing weight, my body has been holding onto all food! Maybe not true ‘starvation mode‘ but click to read the interesting article on this.

So back in August, I had snack bars and popcorn for late afternoon or mid morning, time to continue with those I think. This was never meant to be a calorie controlled diet, it was about healthy eating but not spending too much money doing it. With this in mind I will aim to snack perhaps once or twice more a day and stick with MyFitnessPal for a whilst just to keep an eye on how much I am eating. This app is free and can be used on your phone or a computer if you fancy having a go!

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Week 26

Current weight 13 stone 5.5…which is roughly 82.05kg or 187.5lbs

I can see you all thinking yay! You have lost 5.5lbs, actually I have a nasty sore throat and food has been limited over the past 4 days shall we say. So although I am, happy this is a false weight loss.

I do not have much else to report this week (I had recipes to try at the weekend but spent that on the sofa) I did notice something funny though. When I weigh myself, I actually realised I hold my stomach in…I wondered if anyone else does that? I mean how bizarre is that!

Almost forgot, day 29 and still no fizzy drinks!!!! (Or chocolate or crisps!) The question is, do I drink or eat any of them this Friday…

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Week 17

Current weight 13 stone 9.25…which is roughly 86.75kg or 191.25lbs

Well, since I last weighed in 2 weeks ago you may notice I have lost nearly 4lbs, that of course has all been mostly caused by me being ill and as of today I am still not able to eat a healthy diet. Well healthy in that I am not really eating that much due to having a stomach virus. This kind of weigh loss of course is not good, as I should once totally healthy return to the weight I was before I fell ill.

Good news though having stopped drinking Tesco’s fizzy water 2 weeks and 4 days ago my resting heart rate (despite me being ill) has actually dropped down to 65. To see what that looks like here is my resting heart rate over the past 30 days. The flat section from last week was when my Fitbit stopped working  should add, and also when I was first ill.

This weekend I do aim if I can that is to return and drink it again for a week just to see if it takes my heart rate back up again, but I think you can agree this is quite damning!

I haven’t had a chance to do much cooking over the past week, but if I am able do intend to do a low-cost healthy chicken pie this weekend if I am up to it. Hard to cook though when you have zero appetite!

And to end, I came across this article last month, and actually found it quite interesting. Worth a read I think as it made me think, am I doing what it says…no videos of what I eat in a day though ever I promise!

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Week 15

Current weight 13 stone 13…which is roughly 88.45kg or 195lbs

There are no excuses really but actually I am quite happy and have learnt something interesting over the past 2 weeks. 2 weeks ago I switched my regular drink of Dr Pepper Zero (500ml £1.30 but prices can vary) for the cheaper alternative, of Tesco’s fizzy water (currently down to 37p a litre.) Last Friday I noticed 2 things, one I won’t go into too much detail but involved my internal digestion and the other even more alarming was my resting heart rate. In 2 weeks my resting heart rate has gone from 68 to 79! That is the highest it has been since I got my Fitbit 3 years ago. Last Friday was the last time I drank that specific drink and as of today 4 days of not drinking it my heart rate has dropped back down to 76. I do intend to stay off it for 3 weeks to see if it comes totally back down again and then reintroduce the drink just to see if it was that which caused the spike.

I should add I also checked the ingredients as I drink a range of diet products so was confused how it could be having this impact. Turns out my beloved Dr Pepper Zero, has ‘aspartame’ as the artificial sweetener, and the fizzy water has ‘sucralose’ so I am guessing that may be it. Interestingly, the NHS claim sucralose is quite safe, maybe it is just me that does not get on particularly well with it, well consuming 2 litres a day probably didn’t help.

So, another weight gain and that is despite me actually swimming twice last week, but to misquote my favourite quote, ‘you can’t out swim a bad diet’ but my diet was not bad last week, I think I just ate more. I will get on top of this though because what is the point of blogging my journey when I am not even managing to stay at the same weight.

Last Sunday though, I added a new snack for those of you who like mango, you need to try my Mango Lassi. Definitely a snack and not just a healthy drink as this will keep you going as a mid morning or afternoon snack. My lunches need some work I am beginning to think as perhaps the repetition of wraps is part of the issue, time to find some thick healthy cheap soups perhaps as the winter slowly starts to arrive (well at 13 degrees we can agree it is still a long way away!)

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Week 14

Current weight 13 stone 11…which is roughly 87.42kg or 193lbs

Slightly gutted at the weight gain again and yet not surprised in the slightest but am perhaps in need of advice. In the last 2 weeks all of the effort I am putting in has not been helping as I have had days when I have just had an uncontrollable urge to eat! Someone did ask me a few weeks ago what you should do when you really need to eat? Well nothing could stop me when getting home from work yesterday after a day of teaching I still went out to post a letter in town (not the nearest post box) and got a McDonalds…which I didn’t even enjoy!

I then walked to the local news agent afterwards and bought chocolate and crisps!!! So why? Nothing is stressing me in life and work and home life is no different from 2 weeks ago, so what has changed? Well I was speaking to a friend about this and we discussed could it be the clocks changing perhaps? Which sounds perhaps a bit far fetched or is it. I talked initially about losing weight 3 times and putting it back on again, what I don’t add is I have put it back on every time at this time of year. Of course this year is a slight exception, as I started to put it on March when I was having some personal issues and was eating to forget to a certain extent or because I couldn’t be bothered to cook so bought ready meals and takeaways.

So I hit the time of year when I have gained weight for the previous 3 years already heavier than I would like to be, and the healthy eating isn’t the issue, it is the snacking and compulsion to just eat on top of the healthy food…

So, although I am annoyed I have gained again (1.75lbs) I really am looking for ways to get me through the next few months of over eating for no reason at all or better still until the days get longer! Suggestions? If you can email me please do so.

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Week 9

Current weight 13 stone 11.5…which is roughly 87.77kg or 193.5lbs

I must confess I was not expecting to lose any weight, so am very happy with the 1/4lb loss. I know I weighed less yesterday, however, I awoke with a sore throat yesterday morning and as such ate my weight in cough sweets and drank 4 hot full sugar Ribena’s which didn’t bode well so I can take 1/4lb happily!

I suppose the question is though how do we cope with the stresses of life and illness. I was talking a colleague recently who said do you not discuss your job and how finding time to cook healthy meals is difficult. I guess I do not wish to make excuses for bad eating. Yes, it is hard at the end of a long day to come home and make yourself a meal (or your whole family as can be the case) but preparation beforehand can help with this, or quick healthy meals that do not take much time such as, you may laugh, my pizzas. So last night despite not feeling great I had a pizza, took about 20 minutes in total to heat the oven and bake the base and add the toppings. But planning in advance what you plan to eat I guess is something which we all should do and perhaps creating a weekly planner and a set of ‘go to’ foods when time (or mood) is tight, is key. I do have gluten free burritos in my freezer for when really pressed to eat. I should add Waitrose do them at £1 sometimes and so I pick a load up as I think that is good value, the fact they are gluten free is irrelevant I should add, just the cost. They are also vegetarian in case anyone wondered.

Over the weekend I also tried so new breakfast muffins, this time courgette ones. Very tasty but finding the time to share all of the latest items is proving challenging, mainly because although this website is better than the other I am still finding my way round and some of the things are not as straight forward such as images as I like to show images. I will get there though as I really wish to have at least 14 recipes under each of the headings in the recipes and am on my way there with that, I just need to add them.

Don’t forget to click follow at the bottom to keep getting my updates, I aim to only add a blog once a week so keep coming back to see what new pages are added!

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Week 4

Current weight 14 stone 2…which is roughly 89.81kg or 198lbs, and I am happy with that!

I went of for a Mexican last week and although I stopped eating when full, still feel I should have eaten less. That could have cost me more loss, but there is always next week.

Today I want to talk about cheese!

I introduced mini me who was at home for a few hours to my pizza using a wrap (here in case you missed it) and they wanted to know if they could just use grated ‘normal’ cheese as that was what was missing. That got me thinking. Which cheeses have the least calories? Now I was going with halloumi as I like it and assumed it was low-calorie but had not really given it much thought beyond that. So you can imagine my surprise when I “googled” low calorie cheese that halloumi doesn’t even appear in any list! Now, that being said it is not going to stop me eating it, nor should it you if it is preferred, but I was surprised and confused, so according to a couple of websites, here are the lowest calorie cheeses to eat, and my views! They are in no particular order I should add.

Reader’s Digest – boast the 6 healthiest cheeses you can eat plus we don’t need to worry about calories…yeah…a tablespoon of Parmesan is only 22 calories, not really for a pizza though. In fact, although some of the other 5 look good calorie wise, this is only for an ounce…lets face it how much cheese is an ounce…not much on my pizza!

Health – gives us 4 cheeses, Swiss, Feta, Parmesan and Mozzarella although, a couple of these are high in salt which alone is enough for me to say no really on a pizza. But has me wondering on the salt content of halloumi…

Dairy Dairy – goes further than the previous two websites telling us how we can use the 5 cheeses full of taste but low in calories with beautiful pictures showing what it can look like! Forgetting of course to state how much is actually used in that pizza as I doubt it was a thumb size portion. I almost wish you could make pizza with cottage cheese, I love that, low calories for a cup but not sure it would work as a pizza…anyone willing to try?

Most of the other websites I looked at agreed with a mixture of what i shared above and so for a pizza mozzarella appears to be the better choice, however…this article makes for some interesting reading from the Daily Telegraph.

Finally…a word from the British Heart Foundation that may now change your mind (as it has mine!) It turns out that looking only at myth number one I finally find halloumi on a list…sadly:

“Some types of Roquefort, halloumi, feta and cheese singles are saltier than seawater. Cheese contains calcium and protein, so it can be OK in moderation, but remember: low-fat yogurt, tinned fish, tofu, lentils and beans are good sources of calcium and protein too.”

So I guess although I won’t stop eating halloumi, but I may definitely change my pizza topper to something slightly less salty, mozzarella will be my first choice! (not cottage cheese I should add but please share if you try that on a pizza!)

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