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Week 41

Current weight 12 stone 8.25 lbs…which is roughly 79.94 kg or 176.25 lbs

I can’t actually believe it is week 41 already, made me realise in 11 weeks I have actually been doing this for a whole year! Do you like how I start with that! And yes, as you can see I have broken through the barrier of the 80kgs!!! I actually was weighed at the doctor’s on Friday morning where they seemed to think I was 78kgs! Now as I was standing on the scale looking down at it I can guarantee I was so not 78kgs, interestingly though it did put me slightly under 80 which just means my scales are not the same. I trust my scales though so will stick with this record! On an even better level, back into an old pair of trousers as well…only one more item to go and then I am actually happy. It was never really about the numbers and when I look in the mirror I am very happy with what I see. I don’t really think I can afford to lose much more than 1/2 a stone now or will perhaps be too skinny, but again that is my view of how I look not the view of others.

This week I have a two things to share, firstly one of my followers sent me a picture of their cauliflower pakora!


So a shout out to Hazel for this. Her verdict was yummy! Please DM me if you make one of the items as I love to see how they turn out and if others love them as much as I do.

Secondly, linked to a while back I made a Traybake and I have to say it is the only time I made something that I really did not like and it put me off of trying chickpea for a while again in a sweet tasting snack, well until the past weekend! Yes, last Saturday I decided despite no one asking me, to try the Chocolate Chickpea Fudge and OMG how tasty is that. I had to actually freeze some of them to stop me eating the whole batch… I did, however, not take any images and so can’t add it to the list of snacks yet but for those who are willing to try here is the recipe (although apologies that you need to scroll for miles before you reach it, part of the reason I add the recipe myself on here to save you time!) The only change I made was that I used agave syrup instead of maple, but not only could you so could not taste the chickpea, it was divine!

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Week 38

Current weight 12 stone 11 lbs…which is roughly 81.193 kg or 179 lbs

This is quite a long blog, a week off works wonders for clarity of thought, and…well I started writing this a few days earlier as I was thinking about difference things!

There is no hiding from the weight gain this week, (although I am impressed it is only 1lb knowing what my weight was over the week) but having had a quite relaxing week (including the wedding of Mini Me) and taken some me time for the first time in a while it is/was time to take stock of what I had done with not only this blog, but also my life since last August. I did start out at 14 stone 5 in case you had forgotten and regardless of today as of last week had lost 23lbs through merely changing what I ate, note not dieting. I also started out getting paid every month when I had about £10 left in my account, the past few months I have had over £500 in my account when I got paid. This shows how much money I am saving through changing my eating habits. Through using ynab that £500 is not savings it is money pre budgeted, so for instance come August I can pay my car insurance in one hit due to already having the money there. I do recommend you give it a go, it comes with a 30 day trial and is well worth the £45 a year I now spend on it. If you decide to trial it just click HERE. Yes, I do get a free month if you sign up, but to be honest this does not work for everyone and it took me over 6 months to be able to use this effectively (I am in my 3rd year now).

So, a very interesting week when I learnt a lot about myself and my eating habits. I have discovered I eat better when my day is structured. The impact of this can quite easily result in me under eating as it is quite unusual (but not impossible) for me to actually feel hungry. Tracking of my calories was introduced back in January to ensure I ate enough food, but some friends seem to think I was tracking my calories to ensure I didn’t eat too much! That was an eye opener! Under eating over a couple of days can result in a 2lb weight gain, that didn’t totally surprise me but I know it has impacted on this week

We are now well and truly in the time where my will power is no longer on overdrive like it is for the first 3 months of the year, biggest noticeable change, fizzy drinks! Not on the scale of before I should add, but they have creeped back in on a couple of days and so I need to keep an eye on that as it is just wasted money, and I do not wish to after all that hard work waste money on a fizzy drink. But it does make me wonder how long New Years resolutions actually last, and how many people get to April still being able to follow their resolution. This was part of the reason I should add I started my blog in August.

Finally, I know you will all be excited I have added a new snack and lunch. The past few months have been manic and although I have worked hard to switch off from work, doing the blog equally was a struggle as when I switched off I wanted to do nothing at all, so hopefully I can now get back on top of the recipes again. So the new recipes this week was GF Chocolate Oat Muffins and Spicy Red Lentil Curry, the latter of which was so damn nice I could have eaten it all in one go!

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Week 24

Current weight 13 stone 12…which is roughly 87.99kg or 194lbs

Well have had a really interesting week where in the last 7 days I only spent money food shopping and have spent no money at works at all! Not sure why it is that I am still holding at the same weight though…

In addition I tried 3 more breakfast recipes made in advance and frozen, they can be found here, here and here. Now you have to click to see what they are. Very healthy and using a number of items from the store cupboard, yes that really does exist.

I am also now on 15 days without fizzy drinks, yes that does say 15 days and I am surprised how much I am not yet missing them. I have replaced them at home with lime cordial, just need to watch that and find the cheapest and lowest calorie as the one I am drink really isn’t lowest in either of those categories!

I also ate out last Friday, I planned ahead of the meal what I was going to choose and chose a low calorie dish, unfortunately because it worked out cheaper I had a starter with it, hummus and pitta bread. Be wary here though, I was going for the cheapest option, but at the end of the meal I had clearly eaten too much food and that was because after my starter was about the size of my normal evening meal. Be aware of looking at low calorie meals as part of a deal when you end up eating more than you normally would, massive fail there by me. 

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Week 23

Current weight 13 stone 12…which is roughly 87.99kg or 194lbs

Well am in a state of shock my weight stayed the same, especially as I was out for dinner last night and know what I ate. But, well this isn’t about dieting it is about eating the right food at a low cost. Sometimes we go out to eat and choose accordingly. I must add though I did only eat a breakfast burrito yesterday as well as I went swimming and had no time to eat when I came back as it was too near to going out. I don’t recommend skipping meals it just happened that way yesterday!

Other news…actually as of today I have gone 8 days without any fizzy drinks! Yes, cheapest solutions may actually be to just stop drinking them! Who are we kidding, I am doing this for a month to see if I can, I found over Christmas my will power was working well and decided this was the time to see if I could stop for a spell, and I can.

I came across another article recently, as I know some of you enjoyed the last one. This one is about 8 Food Which are Surprisingly Good for Weight Loss and the reason why I added this, is you may be surprised at what is in that list and perhaps stop feeling guilty and not avoid these, although, moderation is probably key as well!

Finally, there is a new recipe added under breakfast in case you haven’t seen it yet, the Breakfast Burrito, and I know I say this about a lot of the recipes I find, this really is one of the best I have come across, oh and cheap to make too!

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Week 19

Current weight 13 stone 11…which is roughly 87.54kg or 193lbs

As Christmas approaches and I had my 2nd Christmas meal of the week today I am trying to look at making good choices as well as trying not to notice the 1lb gain. I have been back on the cheaper fizzy drink for a week now and it has not made much difference with my HR so far, so we shall see how things are in a couple of weeks time (I think that makes it Christmas day!)

Over the next few weeks I am hoping to start looking at lunches as opposed to dinners to see what different easy pre-made meals I can come up with, keep looking under recipes though as I have been adding meals most weeks and you may just miss them as I do not always mention them in here. I also want to try to see if I can find some Christmas snacks that are cost-effective and tasty.

I did recently come across an interesting article for anyone out there who runs but wonders why they may not be losing weight. I know I say you can’t out run an unhealthy diet, and that is true but there is more to it than that so have a little read of 3 Running Traps That Halt Weight Loss and I shall be back next week, happy to maintain and even happier if I could have lost a lb in weight!

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Week 16

Due to illness, there is no weigh in this week but check out my chicken and sausage gumbo recipe found under Chicken and Sausage Gumbo

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Week 11

Current weight 13 stone 9.5…which is roughly 86.86kg or 191.5lbs

Wow, I can’t believe I had been doing this blog now for 11 weeks, August 1st when I first weighed in feels like a lifetime away and, I was quite surprised to see the 1lb loss this morning, and yet very happy!The last week has not been the easiest. Having a lodger in the house has benefits but also pushes my resolve to the limit as well as we went out for breakfast Sunday morning. I struggled to stay on top of pre preparing my lunch so not all days had the consistency I had worked so hard on keeping to, but 12 days without a lay in was starting to take control by Friday. Breakfast became a banana and fizzy drinks are back up to 4 a day… £5.20 a day wasted on fizzy drinks, I am not happy with that. However, despite all that I did not reach for bad snacks and that is why I still lost 1lb.

I did try 2 new recipes, firstly the chickpea, spinach and egg curry followed by butternut squash dhal. Both for me were great tasting and a welcome addition to the dinner recipes and am looking forward to someone else trying them or variations.

In addition a couple of my students came to my lesson today with their own take on the 5 ingredient peanut butter and banana energy bars. These are not dieting students, these are healthy men who also happen to be vegetarian and looking to widen their cooking skills with healthy meals and snacks! It got the thumbs up from me.

Snack made by Alex and Joe!


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Week 10

Current weight 13 stone 10.5…which is roughly 87.32kg or 192.5lbs

So I have a lot to talk about this week, but of course am happy to share I have lost another lb, happy because due to the stresses again of the past week  more than one day I was just too tired and busy to make my lunch and so had to make the right choices at work whilst being annoyed I was spending money when I didn’t need to! But, another lb so I am very happy.

If you haven’t already noticed, clicking on Recipes in the main navigation will now take you to a drop down menu where you can now start to access some of the recipes I have found online which are healthy and less costly and have helped me to lose weight in a slow but healthy way. Let me know what you think or if you have other recipes you would like me to try and share here.

In addition, at the request of follower Zoe, I tried pineapple with cottage cheese on a pizza at the weekend! Now I must confess I made it Hawaiian so added a little chorizo and in addition did half cottage cheese half mozzarella because I was curios which I would prefer. But yes, pineapple and cottage cheese on a pizza works very well, as does for the non vegetarians the chorizo with the mozzarella.

Tasty pineapple, cottage cheese and a few additions.

Then Monday night, after being cooked a lovely Bolognese by an Italian friend on Saturday, I used the left overs to make another pizza with included a little mozzarella and left over chickpeas I had already baked in paprika.

Bolognese with mozzarella and chickpeas.

I have got to say this was one of the nicest pizzas I have made yet, even the base was really crispy and held which is doesn’t always do I can tell you! I am not sure when I will next have left over Bolognese but if I do have it again it going on a pizza definitely. (I should add my Italian friend was less than impressed when they heard I made a pizza with it…)

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