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Week 30

Current weight 13 stone 4.5…which is roughly 84.59kg or 186.5lbs

I can’t deny I was frustrated by the 1/2lb loss initially this morning, mostly because I know what I weighed yesterday morning. That being said, putting on my smart work trousers which I had not worn for a couple of week, I felt better as they are approaching the stage where I can no longer wear them as they are too loose around my waist now! So, I am slimmer, even if the scales this week did not show it.

Exciting news with regards to spending for this month, I am very much below my target of £200 but you will have to wait for next week for a breakdown on this and the main changes that have enabled this to occur. You may be surprised at how easy it has been, keeping up to it, however, is what we need.

Just also want to share a recipe that one of my vegan followers tried by adapting my Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies using mashed banana, peanut butter, cocoa powder and oats. Baked for 10 minutes at 200 c.

I always like to be sent variations I should add, or new recipes to include even!

He did comment that they turned out a bit bitter due to the cocoa powder, but I suggested perhaps a little soya milk might lesson the taste of the cocoa so we shall see.

I have added a new recipe in recently, the Noodles, Sauce and Veg, one that I tried a few weeks ago but only just got around to putting up. A rather quick lunchtime meal for those days when in a rush but you have a microwave to hand.

MyFitnessPal has been going well, as I can now clearly see how much or as to a certain extent how little I am eating and have added another snack into my day. You may say well you can lose weight quicker if you eat less, but actually, this is about a healthy body and I didn’t want a diet I wanted to eat healthily and lose weight but as a lifestyle choice. Once my body it happy with the weight I hope to just remain eating the same or similar quantity of food and no longer lose weight.

Lastly, slowly I am making some changes to the look and feel of the website to make it more pleasing, if you just read the weekly blogs in your email you won’t notice any difference, however, this navigation of the recipes are now a lot easier to follow. So onwards and upwards!

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Week 27

Current weight 13 stone 6.25…which is roughly 85.39kg or 188.25lbs

So, I gained a 3/4lb but considering what I lost when ill, I am quite happy that I have only gained a 3/4lb. That being said, I was interested in why earlier this month despite no snacks or treats I wasn’t losing weight. I decided to track my calories on MyFitnessPal.

Today is a prime example of perhaps the problem. I have not been calorie counting on the diet per se, just changed the portion size and eating cheaper better meals. Today I had breakfast, lunch and dinner, and a banana mid morning. I would normally swim on a Tuesday (not one of life’s swimmers I should add so do not think I am a cardio junkie doing this!) and have my evening meal when I get home. When I tracked my calories I came in at just over 1000 calories, not good and if I have been eating like that for weeks no wonder I wasn’t losing weight, my body has been holding onto all food! Maybe not true ‘starvation mode‘ but click to read the interesting article on this.

So back in August, I had snack bars and popcorn for late afternoon or mid morning, time to continue with those I think. This was never meant to be a calorie controlled diet, it was about healthy eating but not spending too much money doing it. With this in mind I will aim to snack perhaps once or twice more a day and stick with MyFitnessPal for a whilst just to keep an eye on how much I am eating. This app is free and can be used on your phone or a computer if you fancy having a go!

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Week 15

Current weight 13 stone 13…which is roughly 88.45kg or 195lbs

There are no excuses really but actually I am quite happy and have learnt something interesting over the past 2 weeks. 2 weeks ago I switched my regular drink of Dr Pepper Zero (500ml £1.30 but prices can vary) for the cheaper alternative, of Tesco’s fizzy water (currently down to 37p a litre.) Last Friday I noticed 2 things, one I won’t go into too much detail but involved my internal digestion and the other even more alarming was my resting heart rate. In 2 weeks my resting heart rate has gone from 68 to 79! That is the highest it has been since I got my Fitbit 3 years ago. Last Friday was the last time I drank that specific drink and as of today 4 days of not drinking it my heart rate has dropped back down to 76. I do intend to stay off it for 3 weeks to see if it comes totally back down again and then reintroduce the drink just to see if it was that which caused the spike.

I should add I also checked the ingredients as I drink a range of diet products so was confused how it could be having this impact. Turns out my beloved Dr Pepper Zero, has ‘aspartame’ as the artificial sweetener, and the fizzy water has ‘sucralose’ so I am guessing that may be it. Interestingly, the NHS claim sucralose is quite safe, maybe it is just me that does not get on particularly well with it, well consuming 2 litres a day probably didn’t help.

So, another weight gain and that is despite me actually swimming twice last week, but to misquote my favourite quote, ‘you can’t out swim a bad diet’ but my diet was not bad last week, I think I just ate more. I will get on top of this though because what is the point of blogging my journey when I am not even managing to stay at the same weight.

Last Sunday though, I added a new snack for those of you who like mango, you need to try my Mango Lassi. Definitely a snack and not just a healthy drink as this will keep you going as a mid morning or afternoon snack. My lunches need some work I am beginning to think as perhaps the repetition of wraps is part of the issue, time to find some thick healthy cheap soups perhaps as the winter slowly starts to arrive (well at 13 degrees we can agree it is still a long way away!)

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Week 11

Current weight 13 stone 9.5…which is roughly 86.86kg or 191.5lbs

Wow, I can’t believe I had been doing this blog now for 11 weeks, August 1st when I first weighed in feels like a lifetime away and, I was quite surprised to see the 1lb loss this morning, and yet very happy!The last week has not been the easiest. Having a lodger in the house has benefits but also pushes my resolve to the limit as well as we went out for breakfast Sunday morning. I struggled to stay on top of pre preparing my lunch so not all days had the consistency I had worked so hard on keeping to, but 12 days without a lay in was starting to take control by Friday. Breakfast became a banana and fizzy drinks are back up to 4 a day… £5.20 a day wasted on fizzy drinks, I am not happy with that. However, despite all that I did not reach for bad snacks and that is why I still lost 1lb.

I did try 2 new recipes, firstly the chickpea, spinach and egg curry followed by butternut squash dhal. Both for me were great tasting and a welcome addition to the dinner recipes and am looking forward to someone else trying them or variations.

In addition a couple of my students came to my lesson today with their own take on the 5 ingredient peanut butter and banana energy bars. These are not dieting students, these are healthy men who also happen to be vegetarian and looking to widen their cooking skills with healthy meals and snacks! It got the thumbs up from me.

Snack made by Alex and Joe!


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Cost effective snacks…and a mess…

Well, after popcorn gate the other day when I consumed a complete bag of popcorn (5 portions in one go was quite impressive) I decided now was the time to put my latest acquisition to test! I give you the £13.00 Groupon popcorn maker! (Plus £1.99 P&P)

For me, remember it is not just about losing weight but also controlling my spending on food. So I then went to my local Wholefood shop (£3.86 am sure I can find that cheaper) and got myself some popping corn (kernels apparently).

So, £18.85 spent, which I figure equates to 20 bags of popcorn to break even, now, from the bag I can get 20 bags worth of popcorn if the popped weight is the same as the un-popped, otherwise I will have even more, easy right? I thought so when I went to do my first batch. It told me to fill the cup at the top and that is a portion and 50g (had I read that was going to produce roughly 10 cups (American measurements) that might have helped)…I placed a bowl in front as informed to do so, and waited for my dry popped corn to appear and then this happened…(not including me tipping the kernels in and them ending up all over the floor to start with…)

As you can see 50g was a tad more than I had envisioned…probably 10 times more (had I read the small print) than I would ever eat in one go! But it did take less than 3 minutes, was exceedingly tasty and I do believe I am onto a winner here financially as well as health wise. Just need to now see how well they keep in a vacuum sealed tub for future eating.

I should add, envisage popcorn going everything, me trying to locate another bowl whilst the fire alarm goes off at the same time, so I grab my phone and take some pictures…

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To snack or not to snack…

Now I am a firm believer in snacking, but also know from personal experience the wrong snack really can be counter productive leaving you wanting more snacks. But it is up to personal choice but would love to hear others views on this.

I have now the oaty bars although this coming week I am going to experiment with more no-bake snacks that are cost-effective and don’t have you reaching for more. I also started last week eating popcorn. I luckily prefer salty popcorn but am also aware of the calories that can be in it so have been buying big bags and splitting them into 5 pots to have one a day. At the moment I have been buying Proper Corn which is on offer at Tesco’s at the moment for £1 a bag, but if anyone finds a lightly salted one cheaper let me know as I think we can get that price lower. But Tesco also does its own branded salty popcorn for a £1 anyway but it is quite salted, which I like but probably need to watch the daily intake of salt there.

In addition, someone yesterday, introduced me to Halo Top ice cream, yes that does say ice cream!! Now there are a few flavours here and I myself yesterday tried the peanut butter cup… OMG is all I can say and the whole tub is only 320 calories and some are gluten-free and others dairy free. You need to remember it is supposed to be 4 portions so find a small bowl so you do not eat the whole tub. It does appear on the costly side but if you divide the cost by 4 and think what a bar of chocolate costs it is not that expensive. I found it in my local Tesco and I know Ocado stock it, if you find it anywhere else let me know. Finally, my friend suggested not having the vanilla, but it may be personal taste, I can recommend the peanut butter though!

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