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Week 1 Sept 2019

Hello, it’s me!

I am well aware 5 weeks have passed, and almost disappointed with myself as I did actually weigh myself for week 52, having made it a complete year…and yet I just didn’t record it then had surgery!

So I start the process again, weighing less than I did a year ago, although not as less than I was a couple of months ago sadly, but things happen, and we just need to start again. I here I am.

No starting weight at this point across the top, am 13 stone 8.75 as of this morning, I do feel a little annoyed but having spent 5 weeks literally doing nothing and yet still eating 3 times a day I am not surprised, by nothing I should add I mean sitting on a sofa doing nothing, surgery sucks!

So, tomorrow I go back to work and so should be moving more, not totally of course as at least another week before I can go back to normal shoes (fingers crossed!). But I won’t be sat on the sofa all day trying to find something on day time TV that is vaguely interesting.

For those who are interesting as I had a distal metatarsal osteotomy, for this extra interested, you can watch a video of it (not me personally I should add) here. I like watching surgeries, and this one wasn’t too bad actually, not the for squeamish though.

In preparation for the starting over, I have already written my menu for the week ahead. I chose today not only because it was the 1st of the month but actually, because it was a Sunday and I hated weighing myself on a Tuesday, a Sunday will be so much better trust me!

So, follow my new journey where we remember January – March I am at my strongest for will power, and come June I need to really watch what I am eating and be prepared for it from about the middle of May before it is too late. I also need to ensure I am eating enough so have to have a snack mid-morning, and ideally drink plenty of water.

I will be building on my recipes, especially as I currently have lots I have seen that I can wait to try! So share the link and get your friends following!

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Week 51

Current weight 13 stone 2.5 lbs…which is roughly 83.69 kg or 184.5 lbs

Wow, I have not weighed this much since March Week 31, what is going on you ask? No clue really my eating is not going well and being too hot is really not making me wish to eat less, if anything I am eating more! 2lbs added since last week but the week before I weighed 13 stone 3 so I do not feel all is lost. Next week will be interesting as on the 31st July I actually have surgery and will pretty much be stuck on my couch for a couple of weeks. Positive, I can’t buy myself rubbish food to eat, negative…weight loss is all about calories in versus calories out and I will be burning very few calories laying on my sofa! Will have to pre-make some healthy meals I am thinking.

So, does the weight gain make a difference? Actually yes, I feel bigger, my clothes feel a little tighter and I feel like every lb has put itself on my stomach, especially on a hot day when I am wearing a vest top which unlike a t-shirt does not hide my stomach. We shall just have to see, next week makes a whole year since I started this and I am lighter now than I was a year ago…so that is a positive. I also apart from recently have a much better relationship with food. I have developed a love of chickpeas and lentils, and olives which is something I really did not expect, and over the next 12 months aim to find even more exciting healthy foods to eat!

Of course, the surgery is going to make me most inactive, I have been swimming and cycling over the last year because I was unable to run, and that has allowed me at times to eat more calories that I should have and still lose weight. I have a target of December to be able to start to run again and so really need to watch my diet over the next few months! Maybe it is time to return to my tracker…


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Week 40

Current weight 12 stone 9.25 lbs…which is roughly 80.4 kg or 177.25 lbs

A loss of 1.75lbs over the past week, and I am very happy with that. I am also feeling sorry for myself as I have a cold! But luckily it can’t be shared through the blog so I hope everyone else is feeling fine.

This will be a shorter blog than the last few as actually not much has occurred in the past week other than me discovering that a naan bread…when it comes in a pack of 2 (I must work out how to make these myself) are actually 2 portions to each slice of bread! Calorie counting is almost like an obsession at times I tell you, but the feature on myfitnesspal where you can scan a bar code is a really useful feature.

Finally, I found a recipe for Chocolate Chickpea Fudge…but can’t decide whether to try that or not, the last snack/dessert I made using chickpeas was not nice! Would be willing to make it if someone contacts me via here asking me to do so…(trying to work out if people can actually contact me if they want to.) Oh, and before I forget, I tried the pakoras from last week using feta cheese cubes instead of cauliflower, wow is all I can say, they were really tasty!

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Week 37

Current weight 12 stone 10 lbs…which is roughly 80.73 kg or 178 lbs

The wedding day hath arrived! And so I decided I would write this the day before so if I could remember before leaving the house I just needed to update the weights! Otherwise I run the risk of forgetting I need to do this! Not because of drinking too much alcohol, more that I know by the end of everything I will be too tired to want to go onto the computer and actually do this…

The past 7 days have been interesting, my weight has moved up and down about 3lbs and so at this point I do not know if I will have lost weight tomorrow or not, as of this morning I had lost 1/2lb, but last Monday I was 1lb down on Tuesday so who knows. I now have a week off work and so have some time and new recipes to add all going well. In addition this morning I tried the mug omelette which was quick and easy and not too many calories.

Saturday, I went out for a meal with the family, I had what I thought would be a filling but small sandwich, I have to say it was anything but filling and as a result when the cake came out. I was not only happy to eat a slice, I also feel like I ate my weight in butter cream! We have found my downfall where even I can’t resist ha ha. So if I have lost weight it was only because well, I have lost weight and so my weight in butter cream wasn’t too much.

So, as you can see I only went and lost 2lbs! The fact I broke through the 180 lbs mark means a lot to me and makes it a good start to the day….next goal under 80 kg!

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Week 32

Current weight 13 stone 1.25…which is roughly 83.12kg or 183.25lbs

A loss of 1.25lbs which I am happy with as I had a somewhat sedentary day yesterday. I was sat either in front of my computer at work, in the car or in a classroom. I didn’t even walk to work I drove as I needed my car. The last week as a whole has been quite interesting in that I have been very busy but also grateful for having food prepared for dinner in the evening as well as lunch. I also spent last weekend batch cooking breakfast burritos, mushroom tagliatelle, butternut squash dhal and blueberry oatmeal snack bars (I know I really must add that recipe under snacks, but this can give those who are interested a pre-look!) I find that cooking/baking over the weekend also helps me with snacking (after over 2 months now, interestingly the pull of fizzy drinks is still there and strongest at the weekend). Activities such as these at the weekend also helps me relax which is a win win!

A short blog post this week I know, but work is just very busy and I am focussing on ensuring all meals are ready to prevent me wasting money buying food at work and making unhealthy choices!

Interesting fact, my starting weight was 14 stone 5lbs, late July feels like a lifetime away now, I never really celebrated the passing of 1 stone as to be honest, I am more interested in how my clothes feel and my bank balance most of the time! But last Tuesday, a colleague commented ‘you look like you are losing weight again’ but it really wasn’t said in a positive way. Those kind of comments are really not helpful I wanted to say, and you look like you have gained weight again… Of course it is not acceptable to say it the other way in society, but what I actually did say is yes, over the past 8 months I have lost a stone in weight, a nice healthy pace and I eat now so much better than I did before then. I went on to say I am more than happy to share my blog with you, but by then they had carried on walking and was no longer listening after saying their piece. Don’t let others ever put you off with well-meaning comments!

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