Goal Achieved?

I expect at some point to reach a place where I am happy with my size, and so felt this section was needed to help with how do we keep it off once we achieve our goal…

Not everyone who arrives at this blog has lost weight following a strict diet, but those who have then have to work out how they maintain their loss without following the same diet for the rest of their lives. Of course those who haven’t, equally need to think about this as well to some extent. So share your favourite meals, what you miss that you stopped eating and then I can look for alternatives that may help with the cravings!

But to start here’s some bits of research some which are positive and some…not so:

Ten Habits of People Who Lose Weight and Keep it Off It is exactly what it says it is with a little bit of research supporting the claims, worth a read and it won’t take long.

Low Carbohydrate Diets are Unsafe and Should be Avoided – Study Suggests Now, this one is actually one that is close to my heart, and not just because I love carbs. I remember losing weight a couple of years ago and my sister asking if I cut out carbs. I was like, no, why would I lose the thing that gives me energy. She was confused, but now maybe she needs to read this research as it is way more important then I thought.

Why can’t you lose weight on a diet? I did really consider whether to include this or not, but, well it was a really interesting read again and perhaps links to me not trying to actually diet, but just eat food which I like in appropriate portions, the stats about weight gain though I already knew.

3 reasons you regain weight and how to prevent it. No this is an interesting one and states all of the obvious, well obvious to me really hence why I am adding it, as perhaps a few others who have lost and gained may need to hear this again. As I am now out of my 3 months where I am super motivated I need to perhaps keep returning and reminding myself this is a mindset change not a diet, I eat because I need to not as a treat! Food is not a reward but equally we can treat ourselves and eat more than we need from time to time! 

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