Overnight Oats

Now, there are many different variations of this breakfast, and the main benefit of this is the fact you make it the night before and so in the morning there is not reason to not have breakfast. I like to eat my breakfast at my desk in the morning before I teach with a cup of tea. Those with family will like to sit at home but where you eat it does not impact on your weight so it is a personal choice I feel.

Oats – Well the type of oats for me is the cheapest you can find to buy, I have tried them from various shops and to be honest there is no difference I have noticed other than perhaps the price. even the price does not fluctuate too much but Tesco does as I have discussed in my earlier blogs a relatively cheap bag and it isn’t too expensive in a heat food shop neither, so this boils down to choice really and what you wish to spend.

Milk/Plain Yogurt/Greek Yogurt – Now I have tried all 3 of these and the last one I had used both milk and plain yogurt although the recipe called for greek yogurt. <ilk alone you need to be more accurate I think with your measurements where its the yogurts you can just do it by eye hence why I chose to use yogurts instead of milk.

Extras – Now I started off with blueberries and then added some banana, honey, agave syrup, peanut butter and cocoa powder. I do believe you can add most fruits to this I just choose to stick with the peanut butter mostly because I really like it and it is a simple way to add protein to your diet. Bananas overnight keep their texture and flavour and it needs in all cases actually to be in moderation. I would love to hear if others have tried different toppings I should add. The cocoa powder was added into the one that had milk and yogurt, I must confess I wish I had measured it exactly instead of going over, it was ok, but a little bit too bitter for my liking and so will experiment with less next times.

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