Yes it really is possible to eat pizza’s that are not only cheaper than buying in the shop or a takeaway, by are equally nowhere near the calories so you can eat one without the guilt. Here I share one or two different ideas you can try, and believe me I have tried many different variations.

Bean Chilli

Now I love a good chilli with the next person, and this one was not only about taste, and saving a bit, it was also about pre making a batch that could be frozen and used on a day when you know that morning it is going to be busy so grabbed out of the freezer. It could be done with mince, and I like it with mince I just fancied a non meat version.

Chicken, Broccoli and Rice Casserole

Now this may seem like a winter dish but trust me, it works fine on a hot day in sunny England! It made for me a good size 6 portions too and although there were a few steps, I learnt a few things and really found it tasty.

Chickpea, Spinach and Egg Curry

When I saw this one I was quite surprised how easy it was to make and actually how flavoursome in some respects. I do like a kick and will search for a hotter curry powder, nut actually, I had lots of chickpeas in the cupboard and so this was perfect.

Butternut Squash Dhal

I haven’t had a dhal for a while and so embarked on this excitedly, for me it is not vegetarians as I like to add meat to go with it, but it would work just on its own, I just prefer it with chorizo, or chicken, or even steak to be honest. Healthy and cost depends on what you add.

Chicken and Sausage Gumbo

Now this was quite an interesting one to make that I had been waiting for the right moment to do so. Baking the flour was something new for me, but actually the roux was smooth, creamy and tasty. I am not totally sure of the low calories it alleges in the original recipe, mainly because I sort of halved it and no way would it make 7 portions (the original made apparently 14 cups).

Chicken and Chorizo Gumbo 

After the sausage version I decided I would add chorizo sausage instead and was not disappointed.

Follow the original instructions but using chorizo instead. On this occasion I also added spinach instead of okra, purely out of curiosity as I was surprised to find I really like okra.

Chicken Pot Pie

Now, I have to say this recipe did not quite go as I intended it to. Although it doesn’t come directly from this this is listed as a weight watchers recipe, but I made some minor changes some of which need changing and others which were successful.

Chickpea and Chorizo Stew

I found this whilst looking at other chickpea recipes. I must confess I was not sure it would be good enough but it tasted better than I imagined. I will however be using spinach and not kale when I make it again, never had kale before and won’t once the remaining has been eaten be trying it again!

Smokey Chorizo One Pot

I have to say of all the meals I have made recently this was for me the tastiest. I do love chorizo and so it was always to go down well shall we say but I was actually surprised by what the sweet potato actually added to the meal along with a different bean I decided to try. This really was delicious and actually took from start to finish just over 20 minutes to make.

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