So, over the past month or so I have been trying different types of pizza toppings to see what works well and what doesn’t and am here to share what I have found so far.


In terms of bases, the wrap as a base works particularly well. Putting in the oven for 4 minutes at 200 C (400 F) before topping works well and prevents a floppy pizza and gives it a crisp. However, at times 5 minutes has meant the cooking time with the topping can result in very well done edges! Take note the temperature of you are using, I am not always consistent and that is the issues. I have yet to try the cauliflower base which would be low calorie but perhaps not as cheap if anyone has let me know where I can buy it and I shall give it a try though.


I have tried a couple of different sauces. I started out with tomato puree, it tasted okay but I found it quite dry. I next moved onto a tomato pesto. I used this one and I must confess it was quite nice and I got out 6 pizza’s out of it. For around £1.50 I was happy. I also have tried Passata recently and as long as you don’t put it on too thick (lesson learnt yesterday as slightly soggy pizza) it tastes good and works well and may be the cheaper option.

Cheese Toppings

So, I started with Halloumi and although I enjoyed it, no melt meant you lost some of the traditional pizza taste. Also it is quite high in salt, but it worked. Next I tried almost out of curiosity…cottage cheese, I have to say the lowest amount of calories and actually it works quite well in my opinions, providing you like cottage cheese. Finally I tried mozzarella. I have been using the light one, and have to say although I am happy with the cottage cheese, if this was cheaper it would probably be my go to choice. But truthfully I enjoyed all three. I have not tried low calories grated cheese purely as the other items I have included in my lunch, and that is not something I would normally eat anyway hence not trying it.

Other Toppings

Now I love onion so that for me is nearly always used, I have used either red onion or spring onions, purely as they are what I have had in my fridge. I have tried tomato, but do recommend deseeding it or it does make it quite wet and floppy (lesson learnt). Recently I have included asparagus, chickpeas, mushrooms (precook them or another sloppy pizza) and leftover Indian (in this instance prawn saag). I do actually think they all tasted nice and I am happy to trial any toppings providing it is something I like (sorry I really do not like bell peppers!)

They take on average 8 to 10 minutes in the oven at 200 C (400 F) but that does not include the pre bake of the base.

Below are a selection of my pizza’s, I have to say if I have this for my evening meal, I am not hungry afterwards, but you could add salad on the side if you wanted more to eat.

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